Scenic Routes Around The World: The Pacific (Blu-ray + Standard DVD) (Widescreen)
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"Scenic Routes Around the World" is a stunning collection of the world's most exotic and beautiful roads, rivers, and trails, shot in breathtaking high definition. Behold the splendors of ancient journeys that have connected both famous and forgotten places for centuries, and now connect you to those who traversed them throughout history. "A Pan American Journey" - From Vancouver to Anchorage - Travel the Alaska Highway from Vancouver to Alaska, taking in the dramatic and rugged coastline, and relish the freedom of the Great North. See abandoned ghost towns and visit the Chilkoot Pass, a place that emboies the American spirit of adventure like no other. "The Route of the Two Oceans" - Embark on the thin ridge that links the two Americas, a region concentrating more diversity than any other place in the world. During the journey, follow the Inter-American Highway from Panama City to the Isthmus of Rivas in Nicaragua. This is the narrowest ridge of Central America. "New Zealand" - Finally, explore New Zealand, also called Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud. Travel to this beautiful place, which was formerly uninhabited before being colonized by the Maori People 1,000 years ago.



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