Van Zyverden Bearded Iris City Lights Dormant Flower Bulbs, Partial Sun, Purple
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Bearded Iris City Lights Purple Partial Sun Dormant Flower Bulbs Perennial Bearded Iris starter plants will likely bloom the same spring unlike bare root planted Save time - get a head start Starter plants are thoroughly rooted in order to reduce time to bloom Plant Bearded Iris in the fall before the first frost has hardened the soil. Bearded Iris prefer at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. In hot climates (zones 8-11), they will tolerate 4-6 hours of sun. Bearded Iris prefer well-drained soil. They do not like standing water. Soil preparation: Prepare planting location by loosening the soil to 12-15" deep, then mix in a 2-4" layer of compost. To plant: Plant the Bearded Iris rhizomes 4-6" deep. Space the rhizomes 12-24" apart with the tops of the rhizomes just peeking above the soil surface and roots spread out in soil below. Cover with soil until the soil is just barely covering the rhizomes. In very hot areas, use a little more soil and cover with up to 1" of soil. Water well after planting - thoroughly soaking the area. Until new growth appears to show that the bearded iris rhizomes have rooted, water only lightly. The foliage will form and appear in autumn. Continued care: Water the Bearded Iris rhizomes regularly until about 6 weeks after the flowers have faded. This moisture will increase clump development and bud production for the next blooming period. A light application of nitrogen fertilizer (6-10-10) in early spring and after flowering will help the plants produce lots of blooms. Caution: High nitrogen fertilizer will encourage rot so this is one case where more is not better. After blooming has finished for the season, cut off spent flower stalks leave the foliage. The sword-like leaves will gather sunlight and provide nourishment for the next season's show. Divide Bearded Iris every three years in late summer. Each division should have 1-2 leaf fans.



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