Panacur Granules Granules - (222 mg/g) 1 lbs. (454 g)

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Panacur Granules Your Trusted Companion for Adult Dog Deworming and Heartworm PreventionAddress the wellbeing of your beloved furry companion with Panacur Granules a reliable solution tailored for adult dogs deworming and heartworm prevention needs Specially crafted to combat intestinal parasites including hookworms these granules are your goto choice for maintaining your dogs optimal healthHow Panacur WorksPanacur Granules boast a potent formulation containing fenbendazole a broadspectrum anthelmintic that effectively targets and eliminates various intestinal parasites Panacur whose active ingredient is fenbendazole belongs to the benzimidazole class of anthelmintic drugs Fenbendazole is effective against many gastrointestinal parasites