GEAR AID Revivex Pro High-Tech Fabric Cleaner, 10 fl oz - Restores Water Repellency and Breathability - Safe for Use with Gore-TEX Jackets, Sleeping Bags and Tents, Clear, 36299


Clean 20 jackets or 5 sleeping bags with a 10 fl oz of this concentrated, low suds detergent; safe for all technical gear including GORE-TEX jackets.Restore breathability, water repellency and warmth by removing dirt and oils; ideal technical wash before Revivex water repellent treatment.Wash insulated and soft-shell garments with this gentle formula that’s free of fragrances, softeners and optical brighteners; leaves no soap residue.Use this specialized cleaner to restore gear in three ways: spot clean, hand wash, or machine wash.Packaging may vary.Sport type: Camping & Hiking



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