Miss Robin Hood Women's Costume
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Pierce the Status QuoHeroes come in all forms, but they're often portrayed as a stereotype: some chivalrous blonde dude with shiny armor. Sometimes, though, the world needs something different. Sometimes the world needs a rebel, whether it knows or not. What would have happened if Robin Hood just decided that he was going to obey the Sheriff of Nottingham's unfair rules and taxes? Sherwood probably would have been torn down to make way for some royal courtyard, or something.Sometimes we wonder what would have happened. One thing is for sure, we likely would not be talking about Robin Hood now, hundreds of years later, now would we? Robin Hood was the counterculture hero the world needed. That is precisely why we think you should embrace your rebellious nature this year and become the outlaw hero that your generation so desperately needs. And this Women’s Miss Robin Hood Costume is the perfect start. Yeah, selfless heroism is a good look on you.FUN DetailsTell your rich pals to wipe the sweat from their brow. You don’t need to steal this eye-catching costume from them just to give back to your people. Pick up one of your own and let its modern spin on the classic Robin Hood character become an inspiration for the masses. This high-quality, all-polyester pullover hooded dress has a deep V-neck, a faux suede corset, and a gold-tone faux leather belt to keep it all together. The realism continues with a 4" x 4" pouch flap and an adjustable faux leather shoulder harness! Snag a bow of your own for an added last bit of authenticism.Right on the MarkWith an earthy-rich forest green hue and (of course) the timelessness of a really cute skirt, this costume offers up the best of all worlds. Just make sure you grab a bow and arrow accessory and brush up on those actual archery skills before taking on this role The good people of Sherwood will be counting on you to stop the Sheriff of Nottingham—or whatever today's equivalent may be!



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