Alzo Digital Liberator Battery Door Clearance Plate for Panasonic FZ Camera
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There is a serious issue with the Panasonic FZ-1000, FZ-200, FZ-300, FZ-330, FZ-80 FZ-82 and other mirrorless cameras for video production: The tripod mount 1/4" x 20 screw thread on the base of the camera is too close to the battery access door. The problem is obvious when you attach a tripod quick release plate to the camera base: you can no longer open the battery access door, which houses the memory card slot as well. Therefore, memory card and battery changes require full disassembly of any camera rig gear. This problem makes using the Panasonic FZ-1000, FZ-200, FZ-300, FZ-330, FZ-80, FZ 82 undesirable for video production where accessories are typically added to the camera, like a microphone mixer, wireless and wired microphones, audio recorders, cage brackets and other stuff. You will not have a functional tricked out video rig when you can't get fast access to the memory card or battery. Still photography with a tripod is a serious problem with these style cameras as well. When we designed our DSLR Transformer Rig, the battery access had to be unobstructed when the camera was mounted and bling added. The solution is the Alzo Liberator Battery Door Clearance Plate. This simple device attaches to the bottom of the camera with a 1/4" x 20 Cap Screw and then includes 2 tripod mount thread holes.One of the holes is positioned at the lens focal point and the other is farther from the battery access door to allow for usage with very large camera quick releases, like those on PRO video tripods. The special 3M adhesive pad on the bottom of the plate provides a strong bond, but it is not permanent. This adhesive pad prevents rotation of the plate on the camera. The Alzo Liberator Battery Door Clearance Plate can be removed at any time without leaving any residue on the camera. The remarkable adhesive can be cleaned with soap and water to restore adhesion properties.



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