Canon REALiS 4K501ST Pro AV 4K LCoS Projector, 4096x2400, 5000 Lumen
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The REALiS 4K501ST LCoS Projector combines 4K resolution, high brightness and a robust collection of advanced features - all in a compact size, making it ideal for a wide variety of industries and applications including simulation and training, museums and galleries, higher education, corporate, houses of worship and more. Outstanding High Resolution Precise detail and accurate color reproduction are vital to many applications. Canon's native 4K resolution (4096 x 2400) produces an image made up of more than 9.8 million pixels. This resolution exceeds both the DCI 4K cinema standard (4096 x 2160) and 4K TV's QFHD (3840 x 2160). At more than four times the detail of Full HD (1920 x 1080), the 4K501ST's resolution delivers extremely sharp images with faithful color reproduction - creating a highly realistic visual experience. Advanced Canon Lens The REALiS 4K501ST comes equipped with a specially designed Genuine Canon 4K short focus wide zoom lens with a consistent F2.6 aperture and throw ratio of 1.0-1.3:1. The lens barrel has a bold red ring which indicates that this lens shares technology with Canon's renowned L-series EF mount professional camera lenses such as an advanced spherical focus feature. The lens itself features a multitude of sophisticated Canon technologies that significantly reduce chromatic aberration, curvilinear distortion, ghosting and flare to create sharp and clear images in a relatively compact projector size. This results in beautiful images with smooth edges. LCoS Technology with AISYS-enhancement The 4K501ST is the newest member of the REALiS Projector series which all feature Canon's proprietary LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) Technology with AISYS-enhancement. With LCoS technology, images are virtually seamless with outstanding color reproduction and low-latency. The AISYS engine helps ensure the projector delivers an ideal combination of both brightness (up to 5000 Lumens) and contrast (with a ratio of up to 3000:1). Upgrading existing spaces to 4K is made easier as this projector is a similar size to lower resolution projectors and can be retrofitted into existing spaces where a lower resolution projector might have been. High Performance Dual Image Processing Engines The REALiS 4K501ST uses Canon's high-speed dual image processing engines to reproduce uncompressed 4K video at up to 60 frames per second (fps) and two upscaling technologies (BiCubic and Canon's proprietary Sharp Trace) that work together to maximize the quality of 2K video and other non-native 4K resolution content. Other advanced image adjustment features include Dynamic Gamma and Memory Color Correction and a special Motion Blur Reduction feature is available for improved visibility when movement is fast Flexible Installation Built with an innovative design, the REALiS 4K501ST is compact with a weight of less than 40 lbs. Convenient 360-degree vertical positioning and generous Motorized Lens Shift (+/-60% vertical and +/-10% horizontal) provide a high level of installation flexibility. A variety of professional settings and calibration adjustments make it possible to achieve an ideal picture, even in challenging environments. Built-in Edge Blending enables a larger image to be created by joining multiple projectors seamlessly and a Marginal Focus feature allows for this projector to maintain focus right up to the edges on spherically domed surface. Versatile Connectivity Connections are comprehensive with multiple industry standard interfaces including two HDMI 2.0 inputs and four DVI inputs. Various input scenarios are accepted such as single, stripe and cross configurations. For extra control and seamless integration into existing systems, the REALiS 4K501ST is compatible with Crestron Room View and AMX Device Discovery. Peace of Mind Backed by Canon's award-winning Professional Service & Support, the REALiS 4K501ST includes the Canon 3-Year Projector and Lamp Limited Warranty (120 day lamp coverage), as well as a 3-Year Advanced Warranty Exchange Service Program and a 3-Year Service Loaner Program for further peace of mind. Native 4K Resolution (4096 x 2400) Provides Immersive, Highly Detailed Images Eye-opening 4K resolution produces incredibly detailed, high-impact images that are significantly sharper and more true to life than lower resolutions. At 4096 x 2400, Canon's 4K resolution generates a bigger, richer picture made up of more than 9.8 million pixels - higher than the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) standard for 4K cinema (4096 x 2160) and more than QFHD (3840 x 2160), the resolution standard for 4K TV. When compared to popular Full HD (1920 x 1080), the 4K501ST's native resolution produces more than four times the resolution. This high resolution can help in a variety of applications ranging from viewing highly detailed works of art in a museum or gallery, to producing highly accurate video and images with a wide depth-of-field to get as close as possible to a real life experience via a simulation system. Up to 5000 Lumens and 3000:1 Contrast Ratio Delivers Bright, Engaging Images The REALiS 4K501ST projects bright 5000 lumen images with up to a 3000:1 contrast ratio that helps ensure deep blacks, bright whites and outstanding color. The results are images with crisp depth and dimension and amazing color accuracy, which is critical to those with discerning needs. Compact and Lightweight Design with 1.0-1.3:1 Shorter Throw Ratio for Application Flexibility Canon's cutting-edge optical design achieves 4K resolution and 5000 lumen brightness within an incredibly compact projector size. The innovative AISYS Optical Engine makes this possible by independently controlling light in both vertical and horizontal directions to achieve both high brightness and contrast. Combined with the small size of the LCoS panels (just 0.76 inches), the projector is incredibly compact while delivering outstanding performance. At a height of 6.9 inches, width of 18.5 inches and weight of 39.6 pounds, it's smaller and lighter than many others. In addition, its shorter throw ratio of 1.0-1.3:1 means a 10-foot wide image can be projected from an approximate distance of only 10 feet away, allowing for large images in tight spaces. LCoS Technology with AISYS-enhancement Offers Seamless Images with Exceptional Color Reproduction The exceptional imaging performance of the REALiS 4K501ST starts with Canon's proprietary AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) Optical Engine, which utilizes advanced light management technology to maximize the contrast and brightness benefits of the projector's LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) display panels, which deliver superior reflectivity and durability while accomplishing high luminance. With Canon LCoS, the pixels are close together producing images that are virtually seamless, where with other technologies there may be grid lines visible from their larger spaces between pixels. The result with the 4K501ST is an immersive 4K resolution picture with crisp detail and true-to-life color. Specialized Genuine Canon Optics Provide Exceptional Image Quality with Minimal Image Distortion and Consistent Brightness Throughout the 1.3x Zoom Range Drawing on Canon's advanced optical expertise, the specialized 4K short focus wide zoom lens projects virtually distortion-free 4096 x 2400 resolution images. The design includes the same bold red ring around the lens barrel as Canon's renowned L-series EF camera lenses, which are highly regarded among professional photographers as many of the industry's finest. The lens itself features a multitude of sophisticated Canon technologies, such as dual-sided aspherical lens elements as well as Ultra Low Dispersion (UD) lens elements. These elements significantly reduce chromatic aberration, curvilinear distortion, ghosting and flare to create sharp and clear images in a compact size. A deep depth of focus at F2.6 as well as a new Marginal Focus feature allow images to be rendered highly accurately onto a variety of curved surfaces. Where other projectors may distort or bow at the edges, Canon's optical technology keeps the image periphery extremely straight with a significantly low TV distortion. This results in beautiful images with smooth edges. Brightness remains virtually consistent at 5000 lumens throughout the 1.3x zoom range, resulting in images that remain clear, strong and color-true whatever the projection distance. Dual Image Engines Execute Highly Complex Image Processing for Uncompressed 4K 60p Playback and Upscaling of Non-4K Content Canon's advanced, powerful dual image processing engines produce exceptional reproduction of virtually all content. The engines also allow the projector to offer a variety of features that help enhance the quality of still and motion images, making them more realistic and impactful. 4K Video Playback at Up to 60p Smoothly reproduces uncompressed 4K video at up to 60 frames per second for a natural, fluid feel and highly detailed, true-to-life content. Upscaling Non-4K content will be maximized utilizing two upscaling technologies of BiCubic and Canon's proprietary Sharp Trace - which can detect contours of an image in a diagonal direction and performs interpolation, resulting in a stunningly smooth image.



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