Top-searched Valentine's Day gifts for men

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You'll find something on this list that he'll love (Photo: Milenko Bokan)

You'll find something on this list that he'll love (Photo: Milenko Bokan)

Don’t look now, but it’s Valentine’s Day. Again. And with that comes an age-old conundrum: what to get that special fella in your life. No matter if you’re already married or still at an earlier stage of the relationship-building process, a heartfelt prezzie is a must. Something filled with personal meaning, something that meets a daily need, or something that’s just frivolous and fun — all work!

Included below are 10 of the most popular Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men, as measured by search volume here at Yahoo.


Keep him smooth with a shaving kit.

Keep him smooth with a shaving kit.

Grooming supplies

Does your boyfriend look like Bigfoot? Is his neck beard something you might see on the bench at an NHL rink during the playoffs?

Help him put his best face forward with an all-in-one shaving kit, which typically includes precision-angled blades, soothing gels, and a soft brush for the post-razor detailing. Complete his manscaping makeover with new cologne and he’ll be looking good and smelling nice.

Search for men’s grooming supplies on Yahoo.

(Photo: Flickr | Aveda Coporation)



Tickle his fancy with a new tablet (

Tickle his fancy with a new tablet (

Is your dude obsessed with all things digital? Gift him with a new tablet, either Apple or Android, so he can stay current in a busy world.

Sports scores, stock prices, the latest headlines — all will be within his grasp at a moment’s notice. Play your cards right and he’ll even use that shiny new tablet to make reservations for the chic Italian eatery all your friends have been gabbing about.

Search for tablets on Yahoo.


He'll rock on with headphones (

He'll rock on with headphones (

Wireless headphones

Is he a music buff? Consider wireless headphones so he can listen to his favorite tunes whenever he wants. At the gym, on a train during his commute, playing video games — the applications are endless.

A good pair of wireless headphones will block out life’s little distractions, which will leave him more time and energy for the important things (namely you).

Search for wireless headphones on Yahoo.


Steaks are sure to satisfy (

Steaks are sure to satisfy (

Food subscriptions

If the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then the easiest way to keep his love is with a monthly food subscription (truly the gift that keeps on giving).

Two of the most popular ideas also happen to be two of the most obvious: beer (because … beer!) and steak (insert Homer Simpson’s drooling “mmmmm” here).

Search for monthly food subscriptions on Yahoo.


Fitness trackers

Fitness trackers for manly movement (

Fitness trackers for manly movement (

If he’s eating up all the foods, your man will also need to work off some of those extra calories. Fitness trackers are trending these days — and with good reason. Used properly, they provide a wealth of data about your workout habits: speed and distance traveled, heartbeat, and, depending on the model, sleep quality. They even measure calorie consumption, so just plug those beers of the month into the interface and you’ll know where you’re at in the battle of the bulge (no fibbing!).

Search for fitness trackers on Yahoo.


Get concert tickets for your music fan.

Get concert tickets for your music fan.

Event tickets

Want to spice up your date night routine? Kick the Italian eatery to the curb and treat your partner to his favorite band or sporting event with hard-to-get tickets.

Be it Weezer or the Red Sox, there’s a band and a team for every man out there.

Search for sports or concert tickets on Yahoo.

(Photo: Flickr | Martin Fisch)


Weekend getaways

Give him a weekend getaway,

Give him a weekend getaway,

If the budget allows, bundle those tickets with a romantic weekend at your favorite destination. Maybe it’s the mountains, maybe it’s the coast, or maybe it’s just the big city near you. Again, the possibilities are limitless. Set your heart aflutter and see where it takes the two of you! 

Search for romantic weekend getaways at Yahoo.

(Photo: Flickr | ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser )


Digital cameras capture the memories (

Digital cameras capture the memories (

Digital cameras

When you do find time to get out of town on a romantic retreat, you’ll want to preserve the memories. And the best way to do that is with a new digicam! Sure, you could use your phone, but a standalone camera will deliver better shots in a wider range of environments.

Remember: Better pics mean more “Likes” when you share on social!

Search for digital cameras on Yahoo.


Gift baskets keep giving (

Gift baskets keep giving (

Gift baskets

Stumped by specifics but have a general idea what he likes? Opt for a gift basket stuffed with multiple goodies, which can be assembled around almost any interest (cheese, comics, clothing, etc.). A bit of online sleuthing turns up gift baskets from a wide variety of retailers at almost all price points. Because why give one gift when you can give several?

Search for gift baskets for men on Yahoo.


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He'd love a new watch.

He'll always know what time it is.


Some say that a man can be judged by the company he keeps, but let’s be honest, the true mark of his character is found in his timepiece. Be it analog or digital, classical or cutting-edge, expensive or nerdy, a great watch compliments a man’s personal style perfectly. Even better, if he actually knows how to read and use it, he’ll never be late for date night again. 

Search for men’s watches on Yahoo.

(Photo: Flickr | Jimmy Smith)

Looking for gifts for a special lady in your life? Let Yahoo lead the way on your search for the perfect gift. 

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