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Mom. You know you owe her. Maybe you flushed her keys down the toilet when you were 2. Maybe you got carsick every time she took you on errands. Maybe you did the unthinkable and became a writer (shudder). Whatever your sin, now's the time to let mom know you appreciate her, even though you don't call enough and never wear those nice-looking slacks she got you at the outlet mall. 

Here's a list of 10 popular gift ideas based on historical search data. Not surprisingly, flowers are still a favorite. But be sure to check out all the ideas — some of 'em may surprise you and could translate into a thoughtful present for the woman who loves you ... no matter what you end up getting her.

Mother's Day Flowers


1. Flowers: A classic. Really hard to screw this up. But keep in mind — outside of Valentine's Day, Mother's Day is one of the busiest holidays for florists, so be sure to get your order in early. Also, it couldn't hurt to look online for discount codes and coupons. After all, your mother didn't raise no fool.

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Edible Arrangements


2. Edible arrangements: Why get mom some nice-looking flowers when you can get her some nice-tasting flowers? Last year Yahoo searches on edible arrangements surged a whopping 262 percent during the two weeks leading up to the big day.

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Fitness Band

(Garmin Vivofit)

3. Fitness gadgets: Nobody likes to be told they could stand to be in better shape. But on the other hand, everybody wants their mom to stay healthy. Convincing mom to get more exercise instead of getting her a box of chocolates is a wise — and popular — idea.

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Mother's Day e-card


4. E-cards: You're on a budget. No shame in that game. Send your mom an electronic greeting that lets her know she raised a child who can read a calendar, use the Internet, and put together a few sentences on how you have no idea how she put up with you but that you're glad she did. It'll make her day.

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Charm Bracelet


5. Charm bracelets: Last year Yahoo searches on charms and charm bracelets surged 51 percent in the weeks leading up to Mother's Day. No reason to think the customizable jewelry trend will take a dip this year.

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries


6. Chocolate-covered strawberries: For those who think giving their mother a Fitbit is a cruel and unusual punishment, consider a gift that's a lot more likely to be used, like, say, chocolate-covered strawberries. They're a popular choice — last year, queries jumped more than 225 percent in the weeks leading up to Mother's Day.

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Alex and Ani bracelets

(Courtesy of Alex and Ani bracelets)

7. Alex and Ani bracelets: Clueless about mom's wrist size but don't want to ruin the surprise? Alex and Ani bracelets are one-size-fits-all. At last, a bracelet that doesn't require you to wrap a measuring tape around mom's wrist while she's sleeping.

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Kate Spade wallet

(Courtesy Kate Spade)

8. Handbags: Some call them handbags, others say purses. Whatever you call them, they're always a popular Mother's Day gift.

Searches on two of the most popular brands on Yahoo — Kate Spade and orYANY — jumped in the weeks leading up to Mother's Day last year.

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Mother's Ring


9. Mother rings: Not surprisingly, the customizable form of jewelry, in which a child's name can be engraved on a ring or pendant, gets a heap of searches around Mother's Day.

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Mother's Day gift basket


10. Gift baskets: A gift basket can include just about anything. Is mom into cheese and wine? How about tea and cookies? What about fancy soaps and lotions? No matter what kind of mom you have, odds are there's a gift basket that's right up her alley.

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Got your own idea for a terrific Mother's Day gift? We're all ears. Please share it in the comments section below.

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