Top men's drug store products under $15

To get out of those fluorescently-lit aisles as quickly and affordably as possible, a summer medicine-cabinet checklist for men.

Body Sunscreen(Photo courtesy of Coppertone)Body Sunscreen

This doesn't clog your pores (so, no acne), and comes in the form of a heavy-duty foam that's water-resistant, easy to apply, and won't leave white streaks all over your body.

Coppertone Oil-free foaming sunscreen lotion SPF 75+ ($9) ,

Face Sunscreen(Photo courtesy of Blue Lizard)Face Sunscreen

The Australians are more strict about us than sunscreen, and this oil-free option was created to their exactingly tan standards.

Blue Lizard Face sunscreen ($10),

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Face Moisturizer(Photo courtesy of Cetaphil)Face Moisturizer

The Skin Cancer Foundation endorses it. So do we.

Cetaphil Daily facial moisturizer for all skin types, SPF 50 ($14),

Antiperspirant(Photo courtesy of Old Spice)Antiperspirant

No sweat, no smell, and a nice blast of coolness beneath your arms. That's all you need this summer.

Old Spice Smooth blast invisible solid ($4),

Beard Trimmer(Photo courtesy of Wahl)Beard Trimmer

It's cheap enough that you won't be too upset if you leave it in the hotel room.

Wahl Hair and mustache trimmer (starting at $10), Yahoo! Shopping.

Body Wash(Photo courtesy of Right Guard)Body Wash

With cooling menthol, so you'll still be comfortable in your luke-warm shower.

Right Guard 5-in-1 deodorizing body wash ($5),

 Shampoo(Photo courtesy of Renpure)

True fact: The sun toasts the natural oil from your hairs. Replace it, naturally, with sea kelp and aragon oil.

Renpure Australian sun and surf shampoo ($6),

Sun-Burn Relief Sun-Burn Relief(Photo courtesy of Panama Jack)

Soothing but not sticky, we recommend you keep it at the office so you can get through your Monday.

Panama Jack After sun burn relief ($7),

Shaving Cream(Photo courtesy of Every Man Jack)Shaving Cream

The first step to preventing those red bumps that plague you? An oil-free lather.

Every Man Jack Fragrance free shave cream ($6),

Garden tomato skin toner (Photo courtesy of Burt's Bees)Toner

In technical terms, this closes your pores. In actual terms, it makes you less likely to break out during the sweaty season.

Burt's Bees garden tomato skin toner (starting at $9), Yahoo! Shopping.

Razor Bump Gel(Photo courtesy of Clubman)Razor Bump Gel

A bacteria-fighting gel is all you need to get rid of razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Trust us, she'll notice.

Clubman Bump repair gel ($8),

New Balance gel shoe cleaner and deodorizeFoot Stuff

Works instantly, lasts all day, and absolutely crucial if you're going to go sockless.

New Balance gel shoe cleaner and deodorizer ($5),

Face Scrub(Photo courtesy of Anthony Sport)Face Scrub

Because flaking on plans is one thing, but flaking on your face is a non-option. This one clears it up.

Anthony Sport for men face scrub ($10),

Face Wash(Photo courtesy of Nivea)Face Wash

With vitamins like B5 and E, this won't only clean your mug, but also help it look a bit less dull.

Nivea for men moisturizing face wash ($6),

Nail ClippersPhoto courtesy of Tweezerman)Nail Clippers

You can't beat a classic.

Tweezerman straight edge toenail clipper ($3),

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