The selfie stick : What is it and where can you get one?

Don't think a selfie stick is cool? Check out Mark from AlpinAir Paragliding Interlaken taking this shot with Katie Pyne.

Check out Mark from AlpinAir Paragliding Interlaken Switzerland taking this selfie stick shot with Katie Pyne

Yahoo Shopping has teamed up with to bring you the best selfie stick and daily deals on the planet. You know Yahoo Shopping has been and always will be here for your bargain hunting needs. But did you know that Faveable “curates the manliest products and resources on the web all in one place"?

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Of course, selfie sticks aren't just for dudes.

The selfie stick phenomenon is based on one of those “why didn’t I think of that” products. Sadly, none of us thought of that. So, where did they come from? According to Wikipedia, the 1983 "Minolta Disc-7" camera had a convex mirror on its front to allow the composition of self-portraits, and its packaging showed the camera mounted on a stick while used for such a purpose. A "telescopic extender" for compact handheld cameras was patented in U.S. in 1983,and a Japanese selfie stick was featured in a 1995 book of 101 Un-Useless Japanese Inventions. Wikipedia says Canadian inventor Wayne Fromm patented his "Quik Pod" in 2005, and selfie sticks have been available in the United States since at least 2011.

The product was listed in Time magazine's 25 best inventions of 2014.

However, you can still get a good deal on the right selfie stick while you’re trying to think of the next smartphone-related product to take over the world.

iStabilizer Monopod Smartphone Selfie Stick

iStabilizer Monopod Smartphone Selfie Stick

iStabilizer Monopod Smartphone Selfie Stick (Aluminum body)
Current price: $26.99

This is one of the stronger selfie sticks on the market. It’s durable, easy to use, and comes in at a great price. The only drawback is a lack of Bluetooth functionality. To use this one, you need to use the timer feature on your phone (or an app called TimerCam), as there is no physical or Bluetooth shutter included.

The iStabilizer Monopod Smarthphone Selfie Stick is made of airplane grade aluminum, includes a removable tripod adapter and extends to over three feet. This stick will also work with a standard point-and-shoot camera, if you still have one.


MPOW iSnap with Bluetooth Remote Shutter

MPOW iSnap with Bluetooth Remote Shutter

MPOW iSnap Pro 2-In-1 Self-Portrait Monopod Selfie Stick with Built-In Bluetooth Remote Shutter
Current price: $17.99

This is one of the least expensive selfie sticks on the market to come with a Bluetooth shutter included. This is the latest version of MPOW’s iSnap Selfie Stick, and it’s loaded with features considering the low price point. The MPOW is an extendable self-portrait monopod with built-in remote control, Bluetooth shutter, allowing you to take selfie or group photos with one hand and one press of a button.

Just turn it on, pair it with your smartphone, and snap away. The MPOW iSnap can stretch up to 40 inches. With the adjustable head, you can set your smartphone in 180 degrees to gain the best angle and help you get whatever shot you need. It’s compatible with most Android and IOS Smartphone, and the holder fits devices with 4 to 5.5 inch screens.


The Original #SelfieStick by ReTrak

The Original #SelfieStick by ReTrak

ReTrak Selfie Stick with Wired Shutter
Current price: $16.99

The ReTrack Selfie Stick is not only a good bargain, it also fits most smartphones and comes with a wired shutter. The Soft grip phone adapter was made for iPhone 4/5/5s/6 and Samsung S3/S4, although some customers on Amazon claim that it is not working on their Android phones. It allows you to record video and take photographs at a total extended length of 2.9 feet.

If you have an iPhone or are just looking for the best Apple daily deals on everything -- visit Faveable.


Apexel Multi-function Monopod

Apexel Multi-function Monopod

Apexel 5-in-1 Multifunction Carbon Fiber Bluetooth Remote Shutter Control Extendable Selfie Stick
Current price: $33.59

This lightweight, high-strength selfie stick adds to the value with some great bundled accessories. It is made of a high tech carbon fiber material, which makes it extremely light, strong and stable when used.

The Apexel 5-in-1 Multifunction Carbon Fiber Bluetooth Remote Shutter Control Extendable Selfie Stick is compatible with IOS and Android system. It perfectly attaches to your Apple iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s, Samsung S3/S4/S5, Blackberry, HTC, Sony,  Nokia, LG, and others. The adjustable design of the phone holder can handle smartphones within 40mm to 70mm. The extendable stick will stretch as long as 100cm, while adjustable design allows random rotation of your shooting angle.


Polar Pro PowerPole for GoPro Hero

Polar Pro PowerPole for GoPro Hero

PolarPro PowerPole-Battery Integrated GoPro Extension Pole
Current price: $99.99

What if a smartphone selfie stick just isn’t enough for you? Maybe you’re a die-hard GoPro selfie person? Or perhaps you woud like to capture your swim with manatees like this girl did. If so, check out this PolarPro PowerPole Batter Integrated GoPro Extension Pole. (See? It’s so fancy they don’t even want to call it a selfie stick.)

The PolarPro comes with a 5200 mAh battery built into the grip and dual USB ports for simultaneously charging multiple devices. This extends the film time on your GoPro camera to up to ten hours. The PolarPro offers a 17-inch to 30-inch extension for multiple angles while its splash proof port covers protect against light rain or snow for above water adventures.


One piece of advice: If you’re planning to attend this year’s WWDC developers conference, don’t bring any of the above selfie sticks. According to CNN Money, Apple's attendance policy for the June event bans professional photography and GoPro wearable cameras. Personal photos and selfies are fine, writes CNN Money, as long as they're not shot with a phone that's attached to a telescoping stick.

"You may not use selfie sticks or similar monopods" at the event, according to Apple's policy.

"Any attendee conducting these activities may be removed from WWDC."


Tried a selfie stick yet? Show us your best selfie stick photos on Twitter to @yahooshopping.

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