The best stain removers for your home

From all-natural solutions to store-bought products, these household stain removers can erase any spill.

(Photo: Boost Pre-Treat Spray

Another holiday party; another stain to contend with. Turn to this powerful spray before you throw those items in the laundry.

To buy: $4, at supermarkets.

(Photo: Carpet Spot Remover Kit by Wools of New Zealand

No matter how hard you try, something (and it's usually something sticky) always lands on the floor. This trio will work together to tackle stains on rugs.

Includes Spot Remover No. 1, Dry Spot Remover No. 2, and Absorb-It Powder.

To buy: $33, 800-367-0462.

(Photo: Cotton Cleaning Cloth

Super absorbent and durable, cotton cloths can take on any mess.

To buy: $2, Or, for a luxe version: The Laundress lint-free cotton cleaning cloths, $20 for three,

(Photo: Ultra Dish Soap

Clean up can be exhausting. Especially when stains (gravy, cranberry sauce, butter) has a little time to set in. The right dish soap will make doing the dishes a breeze. 

To buy: $4, at supermarkets.


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