Summer clothes guys think are sexy

Forever 21 Crisscross Romper(Photo courtesy of it's super-short and crazy-tight, it's hard to know what kind of looks men love. So we decided to poll a few to find out a thing or two about what they really want to see you in this summer. The results just might surprise you.


"I like when girls don't try too hard to look good; to me, rompers look simple but are still cute."

— Anthony C.

Forever 21 Crisscross Romper, $13.50,

Alternative Ladies Vintage Sweatpant(Photo courtesy of


"Any girl can show a lot of skin or wear tight clothes. I love when she can make sweats sexy."

— Dave M.

Alternative Ladies Vintage Sweatpant, $18,

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Express Sequin Embellished Mini Skirt(Photo courtesy of

Mini Skirts

"Seeing some leg is super-sexy—plus tight mini skirts accentuate a girl's butt, which is always a good thing."

— Nathan H.

Express Sequin Embellished Mini Skirt, $60,


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