What not to give for Mother's Day


Given that there's only one day per year dedicated to thanking Mom for all that she does the other 364 days, it's a good idea to give her something awesome.

With that in mind, we suggest avoiding the following items, which aren't even close to the best way to honor her fabulousness.

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Gag Gifts

Even if Mom has an awesome sense of humor, she's not likely to find a gift of bacon-flavored frosting or any other gag present all that funny. All she does for you is no joke, so don't treat the holiday as though it is.

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Anything As Seen on TV

While it is the thought that counts, if your thought cannot get itself off of the couch to research something Mom will really like rather than what's served to you via TV ads, there's room for improvement. Take a moment to think about what she really, really wants rather than what's advertized to you--unless, of course, she's been begging for another Snuggie.

Diet Books

Want to alienate your loving mother and ensure that you are left on your own to manage all the daily chores she usually covers on your behalf? Give her a diet book such as this one and you'll do exactly that.


Even if Mom loves and swears by Spanx, she doesn't want a gift that reminds her that she needs them. Stick with gifts that flatter the figure she has, not the one she wants.

World's Best Mom Necklace

We love the sentiment. The style? Not so much.

Wrinkle Cream

Mother's Day is an occasion to celebrate her just the way she is. Skip the youth serums and other hints at cosmetic improvement and you'll remind her she's loved--laugh lines and all.

SmartShopper™ 301 Grocery List Organizer

It's tough enough that she does all the shopping, and likely the cleaning, cooking, and laundry, too. On her one day of the year, the last thing you want to do is gift her something that makes her housework easier...unless that includes you doing it for her!

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Household Appliances

She may have expressed her desire for a fancy Dyson vacuum cleaner or a convenient KitchenAid mixer sometime this year, but that doesn't make a household appliance a good gift idea. No woman wants to be reminded of household chores or think you're thinking of her as the one who does the cooking and cleaning when she opens her gift.

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