Hot toys on layaway leads to shortage

Some of the holiday season's hottest toys are already flying off shelves, since retailers like Wal-Mart, Kmart and Toys R Us pushed up their layaway plans earlier this year.

(Photo: Walmart)(Photo: Walmart)


Maker: LeapFrog
Price: $99
Age: For ages 3-9

This hand-held gaming console comes with a touch screen, front and back cameras, 5 apps and several levels of reading. The LeapPad 2 can email parents tips based on the child's progress and lets them share achievements online.

(Photo: Walmart)(Photo: Walmart)Furby

Maker: Hasbro
Price: $54-$59
Age: For ages 6 and up

The funky-colored creatures are back again for children to chat with, play with, and take care of. One tip for the kids: how they treat their furry friend will determine how it treats them back.

Some stores are already running low on the toy, which comes with a free app for Apple devices to help feed it and translate Furbish, each Furby's first language.

(Photo: Kmart)(Photo: Kmart)Power Wheels Dune Racer

Hot Wheels
Price: $249-$269
Age: For ages 3-9

At Toys R Us, shoppers have been using layaway plans as a way to store "big gift" items like this one, according to Katie Reczek, a Toys R Us spokesperson. Toddlers can drive this in two speeds - 2.5 and 5 miles per hour, and also reverse. The two-seater also has power lock brakes. It features a steel frame, chrome accents, and pretend seatbelts. Get yours while they last -- retailers say the racer is zipping out of stores this season.

(Photo: Kmart)(Photo: Kmart)Monster High dolls

Maker: Mattel
Price: $12.99-$49.99
Age: For ages 6 and up

Fans of Monster High love the ghoul friends that star in the movie and TV shows. These spooky stocking stuffers may be scary, but they come with some trendy duds, including bright neon hair, sparkly clothes and flashy accessories.

(Photo: Kmart)(Photo: Kmart)Remote-Controlled Hover Assault

Maker: Air Hogs
Price: $39-$49
Age: For ages10 and up

The remote-controlled hover craft rides over land and soars through the air. The propellers help the Air Hog leap over obstacles while shooting plastic missiles at targets.

(Photo: Walmart)Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace

Price: $45
Age: For ages 3 and up
It's a fairy tale gift for a princess who likes to sing and dance to favorite Disney songs. This fantasy palace has a sitting room, kitchen, bedroom, balcony, attic, dressing room and dance floor and comes with Cinderella and Snow White figurines.

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