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Get your lil one in the Halloween spirit with a costume onesie that shows she's ready for a night of trick-or-treating. While full-on costumes may be uncomfortable for the tiniest of tots, these cute Halloween bodysuits are easy to wear, making them perfect for babes enjoying their first Halloween.

From superheroes to onesies that are just a little spooky, your tot will be showing Halloween spirit with just a few snaps.

Photo: Etsy.com

Photo: Etsy.com

Smiling Jack-o'-Lantern ($12, Etsy.com)

 No need for a candle to make this onesie glow! Your lil one will have everyone smiling this Halloween while wearing this cheery jack-o'-lantern bodysuit.

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Photo: Amazon.com

Photo: Amazon.com

Superman to the Rescue! ($15, Amazon.com)

For any new little superhero, this Superman onesie is ready to fly into action this Halloween.

Doctor Onesie Costume

Photo: Bloomingdales.com

The Doctor Is In! ($20, Bloomingdale's)

Your lil one will be ready to attend to any Halloween emergencies while wearing this doctor costume onesie. Perfect for any new boy or girl, this cute Sara Kety bodysuit is guaranteed to make trick-or-treating with your lil one tons of fun.

Legend of Zelda Costume

Photo: Etsy.com

Legend of Zelda ($13, Etsy.com)

Here's a Zelda-inspired onesie for any new lil one to wear for a fun Halloween adventure. With adornments cut from cotton, ironed on, and then sewn around the edges for durability, your babe will be the talk of the Halloween party in this cute bodysuit!

Scary Skeleton

Photo: Amazon.com

Scary Skeleton ($20, Amazon.com)

Your lil one will be transformed into a glowing skeleton with the help of this glow-in-the-dark onesie costume. Dress the rest of your lil one in black to really make this bodysuit pop on Halloween.

Mummy Bodysuit

Photo: googooandgaga.com

All Wrapped Up ($25, googooandgaga.com)

Order this mummy bodysuit now to ensure you'll have it by Halloween. Pick from blue for boys or pink for a baby girl and you'll be ready for a really special first Halloween!

Popeye the Sailor Man

Photo: Amazon.com

Popeye the Sailor Man ($13, Amazon.com)

Your lil boy transforms in a snap into Popeye the Sailor Man with the help of this costume onesie.

Policeman on Duty

Photo: Amazon.com

Policeman on Duty ($17, Amazon.com)

Everyone will watch their speed while your lil one is wearing this policeman onesie. With a cool retro feel, this bodysuit is sure to become your baby boy's favorite — even when it's not Halloween!

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