GQ's Father's Day Gift Guide


Give your dad the gift of style with these classic and affordable pieces, hand-picked and endorsed by the editors of GQ.

The ultimate, red-blooded steak knives

What you expect from a steak house you rarely expect to find at home: infernal broilers that crank up to 1,200 degrees, beefsteak tomatoes the size of softballs, onion loaves as heavy and dense as bricks. But what about those hefty, thick-handled steak knives? Couldn’t you go for a few of those back at the ranch?

Buy steak knives at a kitchen store and you end up with slim, elegant utensils more suited for a veal paillard than a two-inch-thick porterhouse.

Fortunately, many steak houses these days—like New York City’s BLT Steak—are now selling their knives. Well weighted and dangerously sharp, they’re as essential as a charcoal grill. You do use charcoal, don’t you?

BLT Steak Knives, $85 for a set of 4


Bass Weejuns Dover shoe

Bass introduced the Weejun loafer in 1936, but it wasn’t until the ’50s that guys started slipping dimes (the price of a phone call) into the mouths of the shoes’ straps. Pennies were substituted eventually, and when James Dean stepped into a pair of loafers, it cemented their iconic status. Since then, they’ve been enjoyed by all, from schoolboys to punks to elegant prepsters.

In 2007, high-fashion labels like Prada and Gucci made versions in designer leathers and exotic skins. This year, Bass has reinvented its trademark loafer with a slimmer profile and modern lines. The result is stunning, and so is the price. The shoe is more fashionable without being too fashion-forward. Wear it with a slim khaki suit or a pair of dark jeans. And at $125 a pair, it’s a smart way to master your own reinvention.

Dover by G.H. Bass & and Co., $125.


The Driving Cap

The driving cap dates from sixteenth-century England (yeah, we know, before there were even cars!), but its rakish cachet is as strong as ever. Back then it was called a flat cap, and as with a pair of jeans, very little has changed through the centuries. The deep back and sloping brim give it a sly attitude, making it a great sun protector on the green or in the sand. And the cap’s got urban appeal, too: It’s worn by both hip-hoppers (back to front) and style icons (front to back; just ask Brad Pitt). The hat comes in a range of colors and fabrics (think cotton for the summer months), making it the perfect complement to nearly any outfit, no matter which century your head is in.

Available from: Banana Republic, $38; Kangol, $50


The Skinny Striped Tie

If these ties look familiar, it’s probably because they either date from your school days or remind you of what your congressman was wearing on C-SPAN last night. But the very first diagonally striped ties actually hark back to nineteenth-century England.

Today these ties, commonly known as repp ties, cut a more modern look, thanks to their slimmed-down physiques and tricolor detailing. What’s great about them is they add punch to an outfit without getting too wild. Start off by pairing one with a solid white or blue shirt and then graduate to a pencil-striped shirt. And don’t worry—you won’t look like you belong in history class or on Capitol Hill.

Available from: Steven Alan, starting at $25;  Band of Outsiders, $135


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