Frozen pizza taste test

DiGiorno Pepperoni(Courtesy of DiGiorno)PEPPERONI:

DiGiorno Pepperoni | $6.59

Editors’ Pick: This “chewy” contender (one taster even said it was a dead ringer for “deep dish”) was praised for its “flavorful” pepperoni and “good amount of cheese.” Unfortunately, this pie lost a few points for those seeking a crisper crust.

Tombstone Pepperon(Courtesy of Tombstone) Tombstone Pepperoni | $4.99

Despite this pizza’s “unpleasantly soft” and doughy crust, tasters loved the “bold” flavor of the chopped pepperoni bits evenly distributed over the pie.

Market Pantry Pepperoni(Courtesy of Target) Market Pantry Pepperoni | $2.77

Tasters thought this pizza’s crust was “too thin” with a “cardboard-like” texture. However, its pepperoni and cheese added a “deep” and “spicy” flavor that they couldn’t get enough of.

Stouffer's Pepperoni French Bread Pizza(Courtesy of Stouffer's) Stouffer's Pepperoni French Bread Pizza | $3.19

This pie’s French bread crust was “too thick” for our tasters, who wanted less dough and more pepperoni. However, its “spicy” yet “sweet” sauce was a success.

Totino's Pepperoni(Courtesy of Totino's) Totino's Pepperoni | $1.39

Although some tasters praised this pie’s “sweet sauce,” most thought it had a “weird aftertaste” and needed more cheese and pepperoni. Also, its thin crust was a little “mushy” for our volunteers.

Freschetta Signature Pepperoni(Courtesy of Freschetta) Freschetta Signature Pepperoni | $6.69

Although tasters were not fans of this pizza’s “soft” texture, its “spicy,” “salty” pepperoni was a huge hit. Volunteers also complained that it was a bit too “oily.”

365 Thin Crust Pepperoni(Courtesy of Whole Foods) 365 Thin Crust Pepperoni | $4.99

This thin crust pie was “too sweet” for some tasters, who also didn’t care for the “shreds of pepperoni.” Others appreciated its “nice garlicky flavor” and hints of basil.

Jack's Pepperoni(Courtesy of Jack's) Jack's Pepperoni | $3.59

Although this pizza’s “rubbery” crust and “fake pepperoni” taste left most tasters unimpressed, they loved that it had more sauce and cheese than many of the other pies.

CPK Signature Pepperoni(Courtesy of Target) CPK Signature Pepperoni | $6.49

Tasters agreed that this pie lacked the zesty pepperoni flavor they were expecting. Overall, this pizza was also too “soggy” and “gummy” for their liking.

Annie's Pepperoni(Courtesy of Annie's) Annie's Pepperoni | $9.99

Tasters described this pie’s crust as “tough” and “artificial tasting.” While some enjoyed its very spicy pepperoni, others thought it was too “greasy” and lacked flavor.

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