Frozen pizza taste test

DiGiorno Crispy Flatbrea(Courtesy of DiGiorno)VEGGIE: Editors' Pick

DiGiorno Crispy Flatbread | $6.59

Tasters praised this pizza from DiGiorno for its “classic” pizza taste with natural-tasting veggies, “great basil flavor,” and ultra-crispy crust. They were also fans of its tangy sauce that had “a little kick.”

Newman's Own Roasted Vegetable(Courtesy of Newman's Own)Newman's Own Roasted Vegetable | $6.99

The thin, crispy crust and bold, “flavorful” veggie taste of this pie were a huge hit. Those looking for a milder flavor thought that the herbs and veggies were a little “overpowering.” One taster thought that there was “more veggie than pizza.”

Freschetta Brick Oven Mushroom Spinach(Courtesy of Freschetta)

Freschetta Brick Oven Mushroom Spinach | $6.69

Our tasters longed for more sauce on this pizza, which might have prevented it from having a texture that was “a little like cardboard.” Its impressive amount of gooey cheese wasn’t enough to cover up its “hard” crust, although the big chunks of “yummy mushrooms” were appreciated by volunteers.

Archer Farms Mediterranean Arugula(Courtesy of Target) Archer Farms Mediterranean Arugula | $5.02

While some tasters liked this pizza's “fresh” tasting tomato and basil, others thought the flavor “odd” and “watery.” Some were also turned off by the dough and cheese, which they thought were too “thick” and “chewy.”

CPK Crispy Thin Roasted Vegetable(Courtesy of California Pizza Kitchen) CPK Crispy Thin Roasted Vegetable | $6.49

While some tasters liked the “crispy” texture of this pie and said it “tastes like homemade,” others thought its “unpleasantly sweet” sauce tasted “oddly mustardy” and was “heavy on the herbs.” “Whoa garlic!” expressed the general sentiment of many tasters.

Annie's Rising Crust Spinach Mushroom(Courtesy of Annie's) Annie's Rising Crust Spinach Mushroom | $9.99

Although one taster thought this was the “best looking” pie of the bunch, almost all tasters agreed that this pizza was “weird,” “tasteless,” and “too doughy.” Likening it to spinach dip, several tasters even asked, “Is this pizza?”

Tombstone Veggie(Courtesy of Tombstone)

Tombstone Veggie | $4.99

Although tasters thought the veggies on this pie tasted “fresh,” there simply were not enough of them. Its satisfyingly crunchy crust also gained it some points, which it promptly lost by virtue of its “too sweet” sauce.

Kashi Roasted Vegetable(Courtesy of Kashi) Kashi Roasted Vegetable | $5.99

This pie’s “garden tasting” veggies weren’t enough to save it from its “soggy” crust and “cardboard” texture. Tasters thought that it needed a lot more cheese and sauce.


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