DIY Dorm Style

Make your dorm room the coolest on campus! Transform your space with these chic—and super easy!—decorating ideas from the style advisors at

Stackable Literature

A textbook solution: Stack old books next to your bed to create a funky, cool nightstand. Who knew required reading could look so chic?!


Bulletin Board

Cut up a cardboard box and cover it with an old tee shirt (the cooler, the better!). Using double-sided tape, design a ribbon pattern over the top and voilà, you'll have the coolest inspiration/bulletin board in the quad!


Tapestry Takeover

Give your room a vintage vibe by hanging last year’s duvet (or rug!) on the wall like a tapestry. Simply tack it onto the desired area using command strips for a totally dramatic look.

(Psst! Love the tapestry? You can recreate this exact look! Houndstooth Fairy Duvet/Sham Set, $79.99,


Line It Up

Brighten your drawers or shelves by making your own liners with wrapping paper or old magazine covers.

Choose eye-catching colors and patterns or inspirational photos to keep it fun and make you smile each time you catch a glimpse!


Hanging Around

Make your friends' faces the focal point of your space! Take your favorite photos and hang them from a clothesline for easy-as-pie wall décor—and just think, every time you look at it you'll remember those amazing memories!

Want to take it up a notch? Embellish your clothespins with fun quotes.


Fashion Wall

Show off your style smarts and save your overstuffed closet!

Create a wall design out of your most fashionable accessories—it's both practical and pretty.


DIY Headboard

Changing rooms every year during college doesn't exactly lend itself to investing in an expensive headboard.

Don't lose hope; design and craft your own by covering some canvases from your local art store with your favorite fabric!


Cardboard Curtains

Print out your favorite photos and place them on cardboard squares.

Link the cardboard together with string and create fun hanging collages of your favorite memories!


Frame Collage

Relove those old picture frames! Take several sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper and tape them together to help you organize the way your frames will hang on the wall.

Next, place the frames on top of the paper and trace around them; hang the paper on the wall, mark the spots for the command strips (or nails if you’re allowed) and hang up the pictures. Way cool!


Shelve It

Show off your inner fashionista! Use old shopping bags and fun patterned shoeboxes for extra storage—they’ll do double duty as stylish decorations for drab looking shelves.


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