The Best Razors

Real Simple

These 6 blades swiftly remove hair and leave skin superbly smooth..

Gillette Mach 3 Turbo

Best All-Around:
Gillette Mach 3 Turbo

The refillable razor’s pivoting head hugged curvy knees and calves for a close, lasting shave. With rubber grips, the metal handle is easy to hold and built to last. Although it’s marketed to men, “this is the complete package,” said a tester.

To buy: Starting at $9.30, Yahoo! Shopping

Venus Spa Breeze Disposables

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Best for Travel:
Venus Spa Breeze Disposables

Built-in gel bars coat legs with a softly scented lather, so this disposable makes lugging along a can of shaving cream unnecessary. Said a tester, “My skin was so smooth, it felt as if I had waxed.”

To buy: $6.50 for two, at drugstores.

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C.O. Bigelow Premium Razor

Best Splurge:
C.O. Bigelow Premium Razor

Made in England, this faux-ivory razor is so well constructed, it will have a place in your bathroom for years to come. It fits comfortably in the crook of a hand and cuts hair extra close, thanks to a replaceable Gillette Mach 3 blade.

To buy: $80, 800-793-5433.

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Gillette Custom Plus
Ultra Grip Disposables

Best Budget Buy:
Gillette Custom Plus Ultra Grip Disposables

This disposable gave testers a “slick shave that worked even without shaving cream.” What sealed the deal was its affordability: Sold in a 10-pack, the razors come out to just 80 cents apiece.

To buy: $8 for 10, at drugstores.

Bic Comfort 3 Advance Shavers

Best for Butterfingers:
Bic Comfort 3 Advance Shavers

If you nick yourself because you tend to lose your grip on a razor, this is for you. The weighted, ergonomic handle is thicker than the average razor’s and is covered in rubber, so it’s easy to hang on to in the shower.

To buy: $5.50 for four, at drugstores.

Preserve Triple Razor

The Eco-Option:
Preserve Triple Razor

Most razors aren’t recyclable, so if “environmentally-friendly” tops your wish list, try the Preserve Triple Razor (Starting at $7, Yahoo! Shopping). With a pivoting head and a trio of blades, it gives a great shave. What’s more, the handle is made entirely of repurposed plastic. And when the razor wears out, dispose of the blades in the trash, pop the handle into the included envelope, and mail it back to Preserve. Or find a drop-off recycling location on Preserve’s website. The company will turn the handles into plastic lumber for playgrounds.


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