Best Jeans for Your Figure


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The Best Jeans: Flat Behind

The key to going from flat to flattering is finding a pair of jeans with some Lycra or spandex for lift, wide-set back pockets to break up the turf back there, and embellished stitching to define roundness. Most important, stay away from stiff denim — it will
flatten your backside like a pancake!

Alison says, "These jeans are snug in all the right places — instead of feeling self-
conscious, I feel sexy and totally comfortable."

Sweater, Isaac Mizrahi for Target, $23. Jeans, Bisou Bisou for JCPenney, $58. Heels, Enzo Angiolini, $89.



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The Best Jeans: Bubble Behind

Women with the coveted "bubble behind" have a not-so-coveted challenge: to find jeans that fit their derriere but don't gape at the waist. Jeans with a high waist and/or a contoured seam above the back pockets (instead of dipping, it should crest upward toward the waist) are most likely to hold in your curves. Also, choose a pair with some stretch for a sag-free fit.

Jillian says, "These are pretty hip-looking, without being something I'd be embarrassed to wear to work."

From left: Twinset, Coldwater Creek, $98. Jeans, Old Navy, $25. Heels, model's own. Sweater, J.Crew, $158. Jeans, Victoria's Secret catalog, $60. Wedges, Colin Stuart, $48. Cardigan, Boden, $128. Shirt, Vineyard Vines, $98. Jeans, Mavi, $88. Heels, model's own. 

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The Best Jeans: No Behind

The trick to creating a backside where there really isn't one is to wear jeans with eye-catching posterior details, like flap or button pockets and multicolored designer stitching, which help give the illusion of a little junk in the trunk. Nana says, "These are so comfortable, and I love that my rear didn't get lost in them!"

From left: Top, ParkVogel, $202. Jeans, American Eagle Outfitters, $50. Heels, model's own. Sweater, La Redoute, $30. Jeans, Paige Premium Denim, $169. Sandals, model's own. Shrug, Votre Nom Paris, $202. Tank, Vince, $40. Jeans, Hudson, $196. Heels, Enzo Angiolini, $98.



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The Best Jeans: Triangle Behind

A triangle behind (widest where your hips meet the thighs) is in need of some balance. The ideal pair of jeans is one made of a heavyweight denim with only a little stretch, to help round out the bottom of your derriere. Also, strategically placed pockets — ones that are on a diagonal or set high toward the waist — keep eyes focused on the center of your butt and not on your outer thighs to achieve balance.

Melanie says, "I love the silhouette of the skinny jean — I found them to be quite flattering on my petite frame."

From left: Top, Little Joe by Gail Elliott, $207. Jeans, Levi's, $40. Heels, Calvin Klein, $130. Turtleneck, Isaac Mizrahi for Target, $20. Jeans, Lane Bryant, $60. Shoes, Jane & Justine, $80.


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The Best Jeans: Wide Behind

Rule No. 1 for making a wide posterior look great: Avoid wide-leg jeans, which cling to your widest point and nowhere else. Straight-leg or boot-cut shapes — with closely set pockets that draw eyes to the center — are better because they don't use too much fabric. Instead, they skim your curves, highlighting your best assets.

Lesley says, "These fit me perfectly around the waist and weren't super low-cut — and they were easy to jump in!"

From left: Sweater, Lily McNeal, $210. Jeans, Paper Denim & Cloth, $98. Flats, Payless, $18. Cardigan, J.Crew, $158. Jeans, Lee, $44. Flats, Delman, $275.



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The Best Jeans: Low Behind

Ladies with low rear ends need a little lift. Look for slim-fit jeans — they give the illusion of a higher rear because they make legs look longer and sleeker. But avoid jeans with no back pockets — without distracting details, the jeans will make your posterior look lower (and bigger!) than it actually is.

Alyssa says, "I never knew my behind could be so perky and my legs could look so long!"

Sweater, Boden, $68. Jeans, Gap, $58. Heels, Klub Nico, $145.



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