The Best Coffeemakers

Real Simple

Automatic Drip: Winner

Arguably the most popular type, automatic-drip machines are nearly foolproof. Pour water in a chamber, place coffee in a filter, and brew.

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Zojirushi EC-BD1, $84.95
This unit features a large water gauge, so it's easy to see when you've hit the number of cups you want. And the thermal carafe "kept coffee hot for 10 hours, even when not on the burner," said a tester.
Capacity: 8 cups.




Automatic Drip: Runner-up

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DeLonghi DCF212T, $47.27
It felt slightly less durable than other models, but testers loved the front-access drawers for grounds and water. "You can use it without having to move it from under a cabinet," said one.
Capacity: 12 cups.





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Grind and Brew: Winner

For those who buy whole beans, these all-in-one models eliminate a step by grinding right before making the coffee.

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Krups KM7000, $179.99
Some grinders are so loud they sound like freight trains, but this one "was just a little louder than the hum of a refrigerator." It has five grind levels and three strength settings.
Capacity: 10 cups.


Grind and Brew: Runner-up

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Cuisinart DGB-550BK, $84
Testers praised the handy brew-pause function that "lets you sneak in a cup before the process is through" and the "plastic knuckle guard on the handle that ensures you won't burn your fingers."
Capacity: 12 cups.





French Press: Winner

Push down a plunger to extract the truest, purest flavor from the beans, say aficionados. These models are also portable and look pretty on the dining table.

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Bodum Kenya, $34
It has "a comfortable handle" and a plastic frame "that lets you set it directly on any surface without using a trivet." The filter "goes down smoothly," as does the coffee. "It was so good, I had three cups," said a fan.
Capacity: 8 cups.




French Press: Runner-up

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Alessi Cactus!, $195
Sure, it's pricey, but "it looks absolutely gorgeous?like coffee's answer to heirloom china." The "tight filter doesn't let any grinds escape," and the coffee tastes "rich and delicious."
Capacity: 8 cups.





Percolator: Winner

Fill with water, add coffee to the brew basket, and put the basket inside; these machines circulate boiling water through grounds for a robust brew.

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Dualit Cordless, $99
This "short and stout" model lifts off its base so you can bring it to the table without a cord dangling behind you.
Capacity: 12 cups.





Percolator: Runner-up

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Cuisinart PRC-12, $60
It may look retro, but this unit is hardly behind the times. It made "terrific coffee and poured beautifully, without any spills." A few grounds seeped into the coffee, however.
Capacity: 12 cups.

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