Absurd kitchen gadgets


Weird and fun kitchen gadgets

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While none of these are necessary, they certainly add color to any cooking experience. From playful but useful gear to completely silly inventions, following are our favorite absurd kitchen gadgets.

Finger food plates

(Photo courtesy of Perpetual Kid)

Finger Food Party Plates

How to balance your pig-in-a-blanket with your Dom Perignon... that is the question! Fortunately, Perpetual Kid has the answer. Just wear these hilarious little plates with rings that fit right on your finger.

12 plates for $9.99 at Perpetual Kid

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Banana Bunker

(Photo courtesy of bananabunker.com)

Banana Bunker

Never mind the curious look of this contraption. But honestly, do we really need a "banana bunker" to protect the delicate fruit from bruising when placed in your backpack, nap sack, soft carrying case, or briefcase.? Apparently someone thinks so.

$6.99 at bananabunker.com

Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press

(Photo courtesy of GrilledCheesus.com)

Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press

The Grilled Cheesus is an electronic sandwich press that toasts the face of Jesus onto your sandwich bread! Need we say more?

$40 at GrilledCheesus.com

Condiment Gun

(Photo courtesy of highfashionhome.com)

Condiment Gun

You can arm yourself with the ability to dress sausages, fries, and burgers with ease with this ridiculous Condiment Gun sauce dispenser.

$13.50 at Amazon.


(Photo courtesy of mcphee.com)


No silly wine box or bag for our best bottles of wine! We choose Vinderhosen, which are literally tiny German pants for your wine bottle!

$12 at mcphee.com

The OCD Chef Cutting Board

(Photo courtesy of thinkgeek.com)

The OCD Chef Cutting Board

Not your average cutting board, this one is designed for the obsessive compulsive chef that needs complete order in the kitchen and beyond. Use the guides etched into the surface of this fine piece of beechwood to guide your knife with exacting measurements, precise angles, and handy definitions. Learn just how small a julienne is, and get it right next time!

$26 at thinkgeek.com


(Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters)

Top Banana Bottle Stopper

Wine is so chic, why not dumb it down with a playful bottle stopper?

$8 at Urban Outfitters

Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork - Assorted Colors

(Photo courtesy of kitchenkapers.com)

Hog Wild Twirling Spaghetti Fork - Assorted Colors

Take the effort out of getting spaghetti onto your fork with this battery-operated motorized, metal pronged fork, which winds your pasta so you don't have to.

$10 at kitchenkapers.com

Karate Chopper

(Photo courtesy of Perpetual Kid)

Karate Chopper

Cutting veggies can be such a chore. Why not put some muscle into it with this black belt lettuce knife made of dishwasher safe high-impact plastic?

$11.99 at Perpetual Kid

Switchblade Spork

(Photo courtesy of McPhee)

Switchblade Spork

You can easily rule in the epicurean jungle with this metal and plastic utensil, which snaps open with the push of a button to 11 inches long and feature a safety lock to prevent unexpected deployment.

$7 at McPhee

Spread Heads Mustard Marvin Bottle Topper

(Photo courtesy of Amazon)

Spread Heads Mustard Marvin Bottle Topper

Make your diners sick before they even eat with Mustard Marvin, who replaces your mustard cap with his head and allows mustard to drip from his mouth!

$4.50 at Amazon

Kitchen Kong Whisk

(Photo courtesy of Perpetual Kid)

Kitchen Kong Whisk

What's the point of keeping Kong captured and behind bars as you whip baked goods to a smooth, creamy concoction? We have no idea.

$15 at Perpetual Kid

Butcher's Choice Fancy Foil

(Photo courtesy of McPhee)

Butcher's Choice Fancy Foil

Heaven forbid you wrap your food in everyday foil when you can coat your leftovers in foil decorated with fresh cuts of meat!

$4.05 at McPhee

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