9 ridiculously practical, multifunctional iPhone cases

Atlas Waterproof Case

(Photo: atlas.incipio.com)

Alternatives to the standard black plastic box are cropping up at trade shows (such as CES 2013) and in fashionable stores. These cases do more than just look cool—whether you want to save your phone from drowning, recharge your battery, or just waste time in new ways. Here, our top picks.

If you're accident-prone...

Atlas Waterproof Case (Pictured above left)

Incipio debuted this waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof road warrior model at CES 2013. Tempered glass and a scratch- and impact-resistant soft shell allow your device to run underwater for up to an hour. The case is available in six different colors and comes with a one-year warranty.

($90), atlas.incipio.com
For iPhone 5

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PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case

(Photo: phonesuit.com)

If your phone dies before dinnertime...

PhoneSuit Elite Battery Case

This ultra-thin case can fully charge your phone's battery in about two hours—just flip the "on" switch to begin.

And just 17mm thin, you won't feel like you're lugging around a brick.

($80), phonesuit.com
For iPhone 4/4S

PowerGuard with BungeeAir Battery Case

(Photo: kensington.com)

If you're forgetful...

PowerGuard with BungeeAir Battery Case

You know that mini-heart attack you have when you misplace your phone—even for a second? There's a phone case for that. The key fob beeps when it is more than the user-programmed distance away from the case. Bonus: The PowerGuard battery case provides up to four hours of talk time.

($80), kensington.com
For iPhone 4/4S

Twelve South BookBook Case

(Photo: Apple Store)

If you're a minimalist...

Twelve South BookBook Case

The handcrafted-leather exterior protects your phone without hindering its functionality. Plus, there are slots for cards and cash inside. Less is more.

($60), Apple Store
For iPhone 4/4S, 5

TidyTilt + Case

(Photo: mesh-store.com)

If you're a neat-freak...

TidyTilt + Case

We've seen cases that hold earphones, serve as kickstands, and mount on the wall, but we've never seen one device do all three things until this Kickstarter-funded project came along.

($35+), mesh-store.com
For iPhone 4/4S, 5


(Photo: ifoolish.co.uk)

If you're an incessant doodler...


Fans of Etch-A-Sketch can now scribble on their screen—ideal for short, hand-written notes, small drawings, and killing time on your commute.

(Approximately $31), ifoolish.co.uk
For iPhone 4/4S

Pepper Spray Phone Case

(Photo: spraytect.com)

If you're feeling defensive...

Pepper Spray Phone Case

This is not a novelty item: The case includes real pepper spray (plus test cartridges) for personal protection in dangerous situations and, equally important, for peace of mind.

($40), spraytect.com
For iPhone 4/4S

Eyn iPhone Storage Case

(Photo: orangeandpear.com)

If you need more portable storage...

Eyn iPhone Storage Case

More than just a wallet-and-phone hybrid, this case is a mini locker—you can fit cards, gum, receipts, and lip balm in here—and it comes with a mirror.

Available in six colors: chartreuse, black, purple, red, pink, and turquoise.

, orangeandpear.com
For iPhone 4/4S, 5


(Photo: ready-case.com)

If you're preparing for the zombie apocalypse...


Consider this the Swiss Army knife of phone cases. It includes a headphone clip, an adjustable camera lens ring, a USB drive that doubles as kickstand, and an integrated multitool featuring a bottle opener, a blade, and a flat-head screwdriver. What, no corkscrew?

($45+), ready-case.com
For iPhone 4/4S, 5

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