4 Amazing But Completely Unnecessary Kitchen Gadgets

A typical toaster costs $15, and does a fine job of crisping your crusts. But for just $285 more dollars, you can watch your bread burn from behind a double-paned glass window. Unnecessary? Definitely. But boy is it fun watching the bread brown. Here's the toaster of the future-and three other expensive, over-the-top, but still awesome kitchen gadgets.

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Breville One-Touch Tea Maker

Sure, you can make tea by heating water on a stove top-or you can pay $250 for a single-purpose tea maker. That being said, this product is kind of amazing, and probably the most futuristic way around to drink a decidedly ancient beverage. Fill the tea basket with loose leaves, press a button, and the basket automatically lowers into the hot water like an elevator before pulling back up when the seeping is complete. I've tested it, and believe me when I say that this thing is a conversation starter. As with many coffeemakers, you can program this tea maker to have perfect tea ready and waiting when you wake up in the morning.


Magimix Vision Toaster

When images of a transparent toaster hit the Web a few years ago, they went viral, proving that there was a definite desire amongst consumers to see their bread brown before their eyes. Sadly, the pellucid product in question was just a concept, one that inspired Magimix to create its own see-through toaster — a $300 countertop showpiece that toasts the bread behind a double pane of glass. 

Wesco Spaceboy XL Trashcan

At PM, we're suckers for all things space. So when we saw this rocket-like trash can (which will give a whole new meaning to "space junk" when it comes to the U.S. later this year), we were almost able to justify the space-high price. Almost.


Cut Brooklyn Knives
Prices vary

To some people, a kitchen knife is little more than a way to slice and dice. To others, it's a work of art, and a culinary samurai's most valuable tool. Cut Brooklyn knives are handmade by a single Brooklyn-based craftsman, and have earned a reputation for delivering some of the best-quality cutters on the market — a fact that has also earned them price tags that range in the ballpark of several hundred dollars. Still, even at these prices, would-be owners will have to wait-demand has so far exceeded the supply a single craftsman is capable of delivering, that he's suspending new orders until at least the summer.

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