12 things not to buy during the holidays

12 things to hold off on buying during the holidays(Photo: Thinkstock)

The deals on Black Friday, Super Saturday and Cyber Monday, not to mention discounts throughout November and December, are tempting. But some potentially pricey items that may be on a family member’s holiday wish list -- or that you may be thinking of buying for yourself -- are even cheaper if you wait.

Here are 12 items you can score better deals on before or after the holidays.

Laptops(Photo: Thinkstock)


Most new laptop and computer models (and, this year, tablets) are released in October and November, just in time for the holidays. Retailers need to make room for the new inventory and will discount older models in late summer and early fall. If owning the most up-to-date technology isn’t a top priority, then back-to-school season may be a better time to get a deal on a laptop.

Cameras(Photo: Thinkstock)Cameras

It would be nice to give your spouse a new camera to take pictures of the kids during the holidays. But you may be able to get a better deal in February. The biggest electronic trade shows of the year happen in January and February, when new models are introduced.

By late February, older camera models sell at discounts of 30% or more. Presidents’ Day weekend is an especially good time to find sales.

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Skis(Photo: Thinkstock)Skis

You may want a new set of skis in time for a holiday ski trip, but the best deals are in March and April, as the ski season winds down and stores discount models from the past winter, says Stephen Regenold, editor of GearJunkie.com.


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