10 unexpected foods to bbq on the grill

Grilling Olives(Photo: Creativeye99/E+)Olives

One of our favorite things to munch on or add to a healthy salad just got even better. Skewer a bunch of marinated olives and grill them over medium heat to enhance the flavor. Like it hot? Sprinkle some red pepper flakes over the little guys before you toss them on the BBQ.

Grilling Salsa(Photo: Donald Erickson/E+)Salsa

If you're making your own salsa, grilling the veggies first will take the taste up a notch. BBQ tomatoes, onions, maybe even a hot pepper or two, before chopping them up and mixing. You can even add a peach, or pineapple for a sweet summer twist!

Grilling Watermelon(Photo: MistikaS/E+)Watermelon

Speaking of fruit...this summer staple actually works on the BBQ too. Cut your melon in wedges (rind off) and toss them onto the grill. The heat will evaporate most of the liquid leaving a thick fruit steak (your vegetarian friends will thank you) with an intensified smokey sweetness. Eat as is, drizzle with honey or whipped cream for an after dinner treat, or even go savory with olive oil and cheese.

Throwing herbs on the grill for cocktails(Photo; Dana Hoff/Photographer's Choice RF)Cocktails

It's not a party (at least our kind) without cocktails, right? Spice things up even more by throwing fruits or herbs on the grill before adding them to a batch of mojitos, sangria, or your own concoction. Okay, so if alcohol is not your thing, throw lemons on the grill to add to water, or homemade lemonade.

Grilling Desserts(Photo: bluestocking/E+)Desserts

You can have your cake and grill it too. So everyone knows about s'mores, but when it comes to grilling dessert, the possibilities are endless. BBQ your banana for a banana split—really anything you would make in the oven is fair game on the grill, cupcakes, cookies, tarts, you name it.

The Food Network has a great Prize Winning Pineapple Upside-Down Cake recipe that was featured on BBQ with Bobby Flay that you may want to try this weekend!

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