10 Gifts for a Grad's Grown-Up Apartment

House Beautiful

No more cafeteria food, milk-carton "shelves," or duct-taped furniture. These housewares help new graduates decorate their first apartment with grown-up style — but on a student budget.

Salad Server Set

Salad Server Set

With Mom not there to encourage recent graduates to eat their vegetables, these colorful salad spoons might do the trick.


French Bull: frenchbull.com

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iWood iPod Case

iWood iPod Case

Padouk, a reddish African wood, adds a dose of warmth to a cool, digital world.


Miniot: miniot.com

Cable IDs

Cable IDs

Cord-management could be a college major, but stock up on these cable IDs and you'll pass with flying colors.

$7 for set of 8

The Container Store: containerstore.com

Parlour Sofa

Parlour Sofa

This bright yellow sofa is much more stylish than a futon and more comfortable, too.


CB2: 800-606-6252; cb2.com

Ribbon Coat Rack

Ribbon Coat Rack

Even if they're going from book bags to briefcases, recent grads still need a place to hang their things.


Headsprung: headsprung.co.uk

Case Piece

Case Piece

Perfect for small apartments now and a larger house later, Jonathan Adler's new Claude Modular collection makes it easy to create the ideal dresser. Stack two-drawer sections vertically or side by side, on a large or small base — $800; large base, $395; small base, $195.

Jonathan Adler: 877-287-1910; jonathanadler.com

Starstruck Sheet Set

Starstruck Sheet Set

Requisite extra-long dorm sheets are no longer necessary, so celebrate with a painterly set that's sure to inspire sweet dreams.

From $50.

Delia's: 800-335-4269; delias.com

Kiri Wood Trivet

Small Smoked Kiri Wood Trivet

Countertops will stay in move-in condition with a trivet, like this Kiri wood one. From Japan, it's light in color and weight — just a few ounces — yet it's also sturdy.

Approximately 4" diameter, $12.

Portland Japanese Garden Gift Store: 503-223-5055; shop.japanesegarden.com

The Comfortable Home Book

The Comfortable Home Book

Who better to give makeover advice for a comfortable home — without breaking the bank — than the two men whose furniture epitomizes budget chic? Thank you, Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams.

The Comfortable Home: How to Invest in Your Nest and Live Well for Less, starting at $24.

Yahoo! Shopping: shopping.yahoo.com.

Grobal Self-Watering Planter

Grobal Self-Watering Planter

A houseplant makes the perfect housewarming gift. This smart pot — a water reservoir ensures accurate moisture levels — makes sure it's still alive the next time rent is due.


Karim Rashid for A + R: aplusrstore.com

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