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  • Lip plumping products that really...

    from Yahoo! Shopping

    From Angelina Jolie to that woman ringing up your purchases at the local drugstore, it seems that lush, full-looking lips are everywhere! Read more

  • Best eye shadow for your eye color

    from Lucky Magazine

    Everyone is always wondering which eye shadows go with their eye color. It feels like there's really no rhyme or reason, but we decided we'd take a... Read more

  • How to treat chapped lips

    from Allure

    You're not imagining things: Lips really do get more chapped in the winter. As the air's moisture levels plummet, the water in your skin is drawn... Read more

  • Beauty mistakes that turn men off

    from Allure

    Just as certain men's grooming missteps make us cringe—think frosty guylights and overplucked eyebrows—we (sometimes) make hair, makeup, and... Read more