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  • WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Addresses Kneeling on Oval Office Couch: ‘I Certainly Meant No Disrespect’

    Kellyanne Conway spoke out about the couch controversy and offered an explanation as to why she was kneeling on the Oval Office furniture. On Monday, Conway was photographed kneeling on an Oval Office couch and browsing her phone while President Donald Trump met with leaders of historically black colleges and universities. When asked by Dobbs about the “deplorable hypocrisy” and the “venom of the left” regarding the photo’s backlash, Conway blamed an unnamed journalist.

  • An American man who claims to be the rightful King of England is demanding his throne

    LONDON — A man from the US has taken out a giant ad in The Times claiming to be the rightful King of England. Allan V. Evans from Colorado, US, says that he is a descendant of a royal Welsh line from the 3rd century. The ad, shown below in a tweet, says that Evans is "a direct descendant of an unbroken primogeniture line legally documented since the 3rd century in Great Britain and registered in the Royal College of Arms." It goes on to describe generations of lineage, starting with a claim that Evans is the descendant of Cunedda Wledig, the founder of the Kingdom of Wales. Evans is giving "legal notice" to all of his relatives, according to the ad, and in 30 days plans to claim his "royal historic

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  • The 'forgotten Kennedy' — Rosemary Kennedy — lived a real-life horror story

    The greatest tragedy of the Kennedy family was not the deaths of John or Robert — it was the horrific fate of their sister Rosemary. Take a minute to mentally prepare yourself for what you're about to read, because it's disturbing as hell. Ready? The odds were stacked against Rosemary literally from birth. According to Kate Clifford Larson's book Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter, when her mother, Rose, went into labor on Sept. 13, 1918, the nurse on duty tried to stall her progress by forcing her knees closed because the doctor was with other patients and the nurse didn't want to deliver the baby herself, even though she was trained to do so. The baby was forced to remain in the birth canal

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  • As Lyme disease spreads, young mom's death raises questions

    As concern grows over the spread of ticks that carry Lyme disease in the U.S., a young mom’s death is raising questions about whether the illness can be misdiagnosed. Claire Diss — a British woman whose family says her doctors thought she was suffering from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) before she was diagnosed with Lyme disease — passed away on February 13. She was 35. “It is with a broken heart that I write Claire's final update,” her husband announced on Facebook, signing his name with Emilie, the couple’s 3-year-old daughter. “Wherever you are imagining Claire is right now, she is able to run, jump and show us that wonderful smile. She will be hugging Emilie and dancing around us all, q
  • The looks on lawmakers' faces during Trump's speech

    (CNN)President Donald Trump may have been the only one to give a speech on the floor of the House Tuesday night, but the body language of attendees spoke volumes. Let's take a look at reaction GIFs from both sides of the aisle. Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi looked far less than thrilled at President Trump's mention of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. Pelosi, clad in white as an homage to women's suffrage, shook her head and pursed her lips. Other Democrats, like Rep. Jackie Speier, were very clear in their response to the idea of repealing Obamacare, giving it a thumbs-down. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan appreciated a reference President Trump made to negotiators needing

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  • Mom Gets 50 Years in Prison for Poisoning Son with Cold Medicine: ‘I Will Make You Cry,’ She Tells Dad

    A Maryland mother has been sentenced to 50 years in prison for fatally poisoning her five-year-old son with cold medicine and setting a car on fire with his body inside to cover up the murder, PEOPLE confirms. Enraged by an acrimonious divorce and custody battle with the father of her only child, Narges Shafeirad, 35, murdered the boy out of jealousy and revenge, prosecutors said in court papers obtained by PEOPLE. Shafeirad was angry at her soon-to-be ex-husband, Hamid Dana, 53, and jealous of his relationship with his nanny, prosecutors said.

  • Former Ferrari salesman alleges odometer rollbacks

    A Ferrari dealership in Florida maintained a device that allowed it to roll back odometers on the exotic sports cars, a lawsuit filed by a former salesman alleges. The device, called a Deis Tester, is "likely" in use at other Ferrari dealerships in U.S. and around the world and that the Italian automaker is informed every time the machine is used for a rollback, says the suit filed by the former salesman, Robert "Bud" Root of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., against dealership chain New Country Motor Car Group. The lawsuit alleges that the dealership where Root worked, Palm Beach Ferrari, "sought to keep the odometer reset procedure secret" to avoid regulatory and criminal consequences. It also was

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  • Boy dies after being left in SUV outside Florida day care

    Authorities in Florida say a 2-year-old boy died after his half-sister left him inside her sports utility vehicle while she worked in a day care center near Tampa

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  • North Carolina woman sues Anheuser-Busch after seeing photo of herself in beer ads

    A North Carolina woman has filed a federal lawsuit against Anheuser-Busch after her picture was allegedly used without her permission in ads and promotional items for Natural Light beer. Kayla Kraft, from Winterville, N.C. has also named a Raleigh-based beer distributor in the suit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, for copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, and violation of the right of publicity. Kraft claims that she was at a bar four years ago when she sported a fake mustache and sipped from a bottle of Natural Light. A friend reportedly took a photo of Kraft drinking the light beer and Kraft later posted the image to her Facebook page. But the

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  • Ivanka Trump's Drops Asking Rent on Her Park Avenue "Starter" Apartment (11 photos)

    Trump paid $1.5 million for the two-bedroom apartment at Trump Park Avenue in 2004 and now is offering it for $13,000 per month. From Town & Country

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  • Twitter Turns on CNN’s Van Jones After He Praises Trump: ‘How Dare You Normalize Him’

    Van Jones, the CNN political commentator and outspoken critic of President Trump, has come around to admiring POTUS and Twitter can’t believe it, making him a trending topic who is getting panned on social media.

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  • 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 24 -- See the Official Cast Photos!

    See the first pics of all the celebrities and their pro partners ahead of the show's premiere March 20 on ABC.

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  • Extensive damage to Oroville Dam after stopping water flow

    Video shows extensive damage to Oroville Dam spillway after stopping the flow of water to clear out debris.

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  • What Obamacare is really costing people with chronic conditions

    As President Donald Trump details how he will change the Affordable Care Act, five patients describe how the law has affected their personal finances.

  • Colorado Teen Allegedly Found with Rodeo Star Ex-Girlfriend’s Body After He Shot Her in the Head

    A Colorado teen allegedly found with the body of his ex-girlfriend in the back of his truck has pleaded not guilty to murdering her, PEOPLE confirms. Tanner Flores, 19, appeared in court in Larimer County, Colorado, on Thursday to enter a plea to his first-degree murder and second-degree kidnapping charges, a Larimer District Attorney’s official tells PEOPLE. Investigators allege that Flores shot 18-year-old Ashley Doolittle in the head and then drove hundreds of miles with the rising rodeo star’s dead body.

  • What's new on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and Amazon Prime in March

    It's March, which means a new month of new titles on streaming services.This month brings new original series, recent film releases and, as always, a few classics. There's even the Oscar nominee for best foreign language film, "A Man Called Ove."Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Hulu: What's New in February 2017Here is the complete list for March:AmazonPrimeMar. 1"Nine Lives""Anthropoid""What We Do in the Shadows""Chicago""Hannibal""Hoodwinked""The Cutting Edge: Going for the Gold""What's Eating Gilbert Grape""The Gambler""Charlie Bartlett""Vampire in Brooklyn"Mar. ...

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  • St-Pierre to return to UFC with Bisping title bout

    Georges St-Pierre will return to the UFC with the middleweight title on the line, it has been confirmed.

  • Climate change unfreezes 200,000-year-old ‘doorway to hell’

    Siberia’s enormous “hellmouth” crater in the melting permafrost is growing fast — and it’s opening a portal to a 200,000-year-old world. The Batgaika crater, known to the local Yakutian people as the “doorway to the underworld,” is one of the largest of a growing number of pits collapsing across the Siberian landscape as the ice beneath the surface turns to slush — and methane gas. But this crater in particular offers some form of a silver lining. It’s revealing eons of climate change in the region, along with long-buried animal carcasses and petrified forests. The half-mile-wide, 275-foot-deep crater is growing at the rate of 30 to 100 feet a year as the ice around its edges gives way. Researchers

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  • Concealed Carry for All, Like It or Not

    It can be useful and efficient when one state recognizes a license or certification issued by another, as lawyers and bear hunters can attest. When it comes to permits to carry concealed weapons, however, this rationale doesn’t apply. It’s worth examining why. According to Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas, who introduced the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act this week, the bill “strengthens both the constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and the power of states to implement laws best-suited for the folks who live there.” The bill does indeed strengthen the constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to protect themselves using a firearm. Unfortunately,

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  • Fleeing driver launches into air

    A truck hit spike strips at 115 mph, sending the vehicle sailing through the air.

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