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  • It’s Time to Stop Sleeping on Mango

    Our favorite picks from the retailer you may have forgotten about. Fast fashion chains have been stepping up their game in 2016. And while it’s great to pick up on-trend pieces for a fraction of the designer takes, it’s not that great to be the third person in the office the Zara dress that…

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  • Ron Jeremy Is a Crocs Evangelist

    Ron Jeremy loves Crocs, and he’s not ashamed to admit it. People usually capture him wearing them at airports, although because he wears the shoes regularly, there are photos of him sporting Crocs at premieres, on red carpets, at the zoo, and even after he accidentally hit a pedestrian with his…

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  • What to Buy If You're a Pro Athlete With a Pile of Money to Set on Fire

    The most ridiculous clothes lots of money can buy. Famous athletes are rich, confident, and presumably surrounded by a group of Yes Men. It’s the kind of concoction you cooked up in middle school and dumped in a paper mache volcano. It’s the reason Cam Newton can’t stop showing up to the press…

  • The Best Online Sales to Shop This Weekend

    There are hundreds of sales to shop this weekend, and below, we've rounded up the 20 we're the most excited about, including a mid-season sale at COS, great deals at Matches, a special sale on dresses at Modcloth, and a markdown on denim at Shop Super Street. Check 'em all out, below.American Two…

  • This Fragrance Called 'Money' Can't Be Real – Can It?

    On October 2nd, a members-only website called Touch of Modern will sell an apparently-10-year-old fragrance called Money. Money is a fragrance that smells like – and will allegedly help you get more – money, at least according to the most amusing press release I've ever read. "For over a decade…

  • Five Brands Making Great Fall Shoes

    In anticipation for the early 2016 launch of Frances Valentine, Kate Valentine (formerly Spade), along with her husband, knew the only way to separate her newest venture from Kate Spade the label was to reinvent entirely. Frances studied footwear design in both Milan and London before taking an…

  • Honestly, Why Do Clutches Even Exist?

    It’s a truth that should be universally acknowledged that clutches are awful. You can toss a purse over your arm and carry an umbrella, a book, a bag of Goldfish™ (trust me it’s a great idea), and your iPhone in it. In some cases you can carry a small dog in a purse if it is a brief period during…

  • The Ultimate Guide to Shopping in Richmond

    The indie boutiques and brands that make Richmond’s retail scene unique. Just large enough to have a stellar art and culture scene and just small enough that the cost of living is low, Richmond is a hotbed for small, independent artists and designers, from jewelry makers to ceramicists to knife…

  • How Need Supply Co. Went from a Tiny, Local Shop to a Fashion Brand With a Global Following

    Richmond, Virginia’s fashion and retail scene is on the up and up. Richmond was home to a just a handful of locally-owned fashion boutiques. One of the best of them then, as it is now, was Need Supply Co., a brand that’s grown from small local gem into an international player in the fashion…

  • Vintage Shopping Tips From Richmond’s Rosewood Clothing Co.

    Shop owner and vintage pro Ashley Carruthers shares her best advice. A visit to Ashley Carruthers’ downtown Richmond vintage store Rosewood Clothing Co. is like an appointment with a personal shopper: Walk in and start looking around, and within minutes she’ll have pulled something from the rack…

  • Meet the Richmond Fragrance Line Carried by Some of the Country’s Coolest Boutiques

    As a teacher in South Korea circa 2007, Kate Jennings befriended a young woman who taught her Korean phonetically. Ask any stylish woman from Richmond to name their favorite boutiques, and Na Nin will definitely be on the list. The venture started out as an Etsy shop in 2009, where Jennings, 31,…

  • Model Ohwawa Tells Us Her Style Secrets

    Meet Destiny "Ohwawa" Owusu, one of our favorite influencers.

  • Do We Have to Buy Inner Peace With Our Outer Beauty?

    This is just a fraction of what’s actually available at the Vitality Bar, a New Age-y addition in Naturopathica’s new Chelsea flagship.

  • On the Ever-Sparklier Red Carpet, Galvan’s Simplicity Stands Out

    What do Gwyneth Paltrow and Kylie Jenner have in common? In addition to the obvious age difference (Paltrow is 43, Jenner 19), their personal styles and body types are practically polar opposites. Paltrow’s wardrobe leans polished and preppy, while Jenner’s is sexy and sporty.

  • Where Can I Find: Affordable Chelsea Boots I Can Feel Good About Buying?

    The really, really nice ones are so expensive (Alexander Wang, etc etc). The closest thing I can find that look awesome are these Zara ones — they’re beautiful and I’ll probably buy them... but there HAS TO BE something out there that I can buy that won't break the bank (Wang) or won’t make me…

  • Cat Eye Products For Any Idiot

    You ever looked at a cat and thought, 'I want your eyes?'

  • Strong Suit

    The Dress for Success boutique in Manhattan is mid-sized and modest, with high ceilings and brown carpet. At the entrance, black and white portraits of smiling women hang on a red wall that also has the organization’s tagline — “Going places, going strong” — mounted beneath its block-letter logo.