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  • The Best Online Sales to Shop This Weekend

    It's that wonderful time of year when the sale section goes on sale — as in even more discounts on already highly discounted spring and summer merchandise. A perfect example is Oak's extra 30% off sale code on items already marked down up to 80%, resulting in steals like this $168 leather jacket.

  • The Ultimate Summer Guide to Getting Sweat Stains Out of Your White T-Shirts

    If it makes you feel any better, this question isn't even all that gross! I mean, it happens to almost everyone and also, it's not even really your sweat causing those yellow stains: it's your deodorant. Thinking of them as deodorant stains on white t-shirts makes it feel so much less gross,…

  • Outside the DNC, a Sea of Sanders Fashion

    Americana won the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week. Not surprisingly, street style in the public areas around the Democratic National Convention was a wholly different beast, leaning toward murky colors, bandanas, and bare feet. It was about Bernie Sanders.

  • A Look at Flight Attendant Uniforms Through History

    Before you fasten your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff at San Francisco International Airport, stop by International Terminal Level 3 for the new Fashion in Flight exhibit. Over 70 airline uniforms are on display, dating from the pre-war 1930s to present day. The SFO Museum Fashion in Flight…

  • Nike Is Releasing Its Lightest Air Max Sneakers Ever

    Nearly 30 years after the Air Max 1 transformed the way we see technology and footwear with its visible air soles, Nike is giving the sneaker an innovative makeover, complete with the brand’s lightweight Flyknit technology. The new shoe, dubbed the Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknit, is the first time Nike…

  • Are Gimmicky Self Tanners Worth It?

    Self tanners have come a long way since their orange, foamy, streaky roots. Thanks in part to innovations coming out of the UK and a desire to look natural and not smell like a huge bowl of cookie dough after using the products, self tanner brands have had to up their games to stand out in an…

  • R.J. Hernández's ‘An Innocent Fashion’ Is Like The Devil Wears Prada, but Better

    Starry-eyed, privileged beauty meets world: that’s the formula for countless media-based coming-of-age stories since the dawn of The Bell Jar, and it’s a formula debut author and former Vogue intern R.J. Hernández finds reductive and troubling. "In contrast, my protagonist isn’t a privileged white…

  • The Remaining Bachelorette Dudes Have Given Up Pretending They Are Different People

    If you’ve been following this season of The Bachelorette closely, and by "closely" I mean while on the elliptical at the gym or turning it off halfway through every episode due to violent boredom, you’ll know that there is just one contestant left. He’s lily white, was at one point a professional…

  • Ralph Lauren’s American Dream

    Entering the Rhinelander Mansion on New York's Upper East Side is like quietly opening a window into Ralph Lauren's mind. Many describe Lauren's superpower as his ability to turn his wildest dreams into reality, and inside that mansion, Ralph Lauren's original flagship location, his dreams are…

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  • The Political Messaging of RNC Fashion

    A surprising number of fashion statements were made outside the Republican National Convention last week. Visitors wearing khaki shorts and sneakers mixed with exhibitionists in costumes in a way that recalled Times Square in the summer, or Disney World. Instead of actors in Mickey Mouse and…

  • The Rise and Fall of the Victoria’s Secret Catalog

    The first Victoria’s Secret catalog was dispatched to mailboxes around the country in 1977. Leslie Wexner, a retail vet who started The Limited, walked into a Victoria’s Secret and immediately recognized that the store catered to men a little too effectively.

  • Red Lobster Coupons

    Save Avg of $11 at Red Lobster. Get Aug 2016 Coupons. No Catches!

  • For RNC Merch Vendors, Business Is Business

    On the third day of the Republican National Convention this week, the streets leading toward the Quicken Loans Arena in downtown Cleveland teemed with delegates, reporters, curious citizens, and swaths of police officers in every variation of a blue uniform imaginable. Tables lined the sidewalks,…

  • What to Shop From Nike’s Collab With Louis Vuitton’s Kim Jones

    Nike’s much-anticipated collaboration with Louis Vuitton menswear designer, Kim Jones, has everything you could want in a travel-inspired sportswear collection from the brand: lightweight fabrics, minimal seams, and neon colors that bring to mind ‘80s windbreakers, and innovative updates on some…

  • Prince George’s T-Shirt Is Available in an Almost-Adult Size

    Great news for those whose taste in aspirational lifestyle philosophies leans less towards Goop and more towards sweater vest–wearing royal babies: Despite reports of the "Prince George effect" (i.e. the phenomenon of clothing that Prince George wears selling out immediately), the adorable striped…

  • How to Keep Your Linen Clothes Looking Amazing This Summer

    Linen clothes get a little bit of a bad rap for being difficult to care for, and frankly, that's unfair. In fact, with the exception of linen suits, most of your linen clothing will benefit from regular old laundering and are best not dry cleaned.

  • Why Is Every Big Designer Calling It Quits?

    Oscar de la Renta designer Peter Copping is already stepping down from his post as creative director, leaving one of America’s most storied fashion houses rudderless. "After almost two years at Oscar de la Renta, personal circumstances require me to return to Europe," Copping said in a statement…

  • The Best Shopping in Seattle

    Seattle's reputation for angsty music and coffee house culture might call to mind a sea of plaid and denim, but the city where Nordstrom was born is anything but a one-trick pony when it comes to fashion and retail. A thriving local design scene means there are plenty of opportunities to discover…