How to look modern while wearing the retro makeup trend

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Drew Barrymore, the Queen of the 90's brown lipstick! Love it!

Drew Barrymore, the queen of 90s brown lipstick!

I never thought I'd see the day that the quintessential 90s matte brown lipstick would come back into fashion, but recently I raced over to the Lime Crime cosmetics website and eagerly put their newest and most talked about "Gothatines" matte brown lipstick into my online basket. The older I get the more I realize that there is absolutely nothing new when it comes to fashion and beauty.

Every "new trend" and every "fresh look" has been recycled time and again through the ages. But just because something isn't "new" doesn't mean it can't updated and modern looking!

Here are my tips for introducing retro makeup looks into your routine without looking like you're an extra in your local theatres production of Hairspray.

Trend: White Eyeliner

White eyeliner can be a tricky look to pull off. If not done correctly you can end up looking like a frosty disco snow bunny, but if you nail it, it can be modern, minimalist and interesting.

My favorite white eyeliners

Best Liquid Liner Pen: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Snow ($20).This liquid liner pen is long-lasting and extremely easy to apply with the fine-point brush tip.

Best Pencil Eyeliner: Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Pure White. ($3.99). If you prefer a pencil liner, the Rimmel white kohl kajal goes on smoothly and is very easy to blend. This product is also great for smoothing onto the eyelid alone as a matte white eyeshadow.

Best Gel Eyeliner: Inglot Cosmetics Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel in #76. ($12 at select Macy's Impulse Beauty Departments and online at

The Inglot Matte Collection AMC gel eyeliners glide on beautifully and set to a waterproof finish within 60 seconds. No smearing, creasing, smudging or flaking at all!

How to pull it off...

Do: Keep the coverage and finish of your foundation sheer and luminous. Skin should be fresh and glowing!

Do: Get graphic with it! Experiment with interesting shapes and futuristic eyeliner styles.

Do: The focal point should be the eyeliner. Don't get too fussy with eyeshadows and other products that will compete with the bold eyeliner.

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Don't: Skip the white or paled-out lip if you sport white eyeliner. Either keep the lips natural or apply a bold lipstick in red, orange or fuchsia.

Don't: Do not overly powder your skin or use very matte makeup. The trick is to pair the retro white eyeliner and with more glossy unexpected modern textures. Looking matte will appear costumey; we're talking Stepford Wives.

Don't: White eyeliner is a little less forgiving than its darker colored counterparts. Make sure your application is smooth and precise. Blend and use q-tips and makeup remover to perfect your lines. You don't want thick and chunky clown-paint eyeliner!


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Revlons re-launched vintage iconic lipsticks

Revlons re-launched vintage iconic lipsticks

Trend: Iconic Lipstick

One thing I have learned in my 13-year career as a Makeup Artist is that women are loyal to lipstick. They will wear the same shade their entire lives if it the color is still in production! These iconic shades are loved by millions and have been worn by grandmothers, mothers and then passed on to daughters. There is something so fascinating and romantic about wearing an iconic shade of lipstick that has been loved by so many. Millions of women can't be wrong, right?

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Beyoncé wearing a dark lip color (Getty Images)

My favorite iconic lipsticks

Revlon Fifth Ave. Red ($7.99 at select drugstores): A few months back I wrote a blog about Revlon re-introducing 5 discontinued iconic lipstick shades. Revlon conducted a Facebook poll and allowed consumers to vote for what shades they would love to see come back onto the market. One of these shades was Fifth Avenue Red. When I saw the collection had launched, I bought them all, and this gorgeous shade quickly became a favorite. Fifth Ave. Red is rich, long-wearing and I believe it is universally flattering. Launched in 1958, it is definitely a timeless red that will "glamourize" any gal. Due to the popularity of this shade, you will have to check your local drugstore for availability.

Clinique Black Honey $15 at Sephora or anywhere Clinique is sold: Clinique Black Honey has a cult following I didn't quite understand until I tried it. This glorious sheer berry shade literally looks good on everyone. The smooth texture is mega-flattering and comfortable to wear as well as moisturizing. You can vamp it up with a matching lipliner or swipe it on blindly for a sheer berry stain. This color is just rich enough to be modern, but soft enough to be timeless.

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MAC Lady Danger lipstick, part of the 'We're Back' collection.

MAC Lady Danger $16 anywhere MAC is sold: I have worn MAC Lady Danger lipstick so much that my boss even started calling me Lady Danger! This color is rich, opaque and fully pigmented. A beautiful hybrid of orange and red that will be incredibly flattering on woman of all ages and ethnicities (if they are brave enough to wear it!), Lady Danger is not only an iconic lip color, but it is perfectly on trend for 2014. Try it already!

How to pull it off...

Do: Exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush. Bold lipstick will highlight any dryness or cracking skin. No crusty kissers!

Do: Wearing lipstick requires a little bit of responsibility and maintenance. Make sure you line your lips (if needed) to keep lipstick from feathering out of your lip line. Be mindful of lipstick caking into the inner corners of your mouth and if you see a woman with lipstick on her teeth, tell her politely and discreetly. Hopefully someone will do the same for you!


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Audrey Hepburn knew the power of boldly defined brows!

Audrey Hepburn knew the power of boldly defined brows!

Trend: Boldly Groomed Brows

Whether you like it or not it seems that defined brows aren't going out of style any time soon. I work at the #1 Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar in the world, and all day long I hear women asking for "the thicker the better" when it comes to the shape and grooming of their eyebrows. It's not news to me that fuller brows are more youthful and attractive and luckily the beauty and fashion industry are finally seeing that naturally full brows are better and much more flattering for most faces.

My Favorite Eyebrow Products

Benefit Gimme Brow ($22): If you are a newbie when it comes to brow defining or just like a very natural look, this is the fool-proof product for you. The fiber gel thickens and lengthens the brows you have, conditions them with vitamin B5 and then dries to lock them in place. Genius!

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade ($18): If you are a little more experienced with creating artfully applied arches, the Dipbrow is wonderful. This pomade is fully pigmented, glides on smoothly and then dries to a waterproof finish. Perfect if you really need to draw in a lot of "hairs" or like a flawlessly drawn on eyebrow. I use the chocolate shade.

Illamasqua Brow and Lash Gel ($24): I have tested a lot of clear brow setting gels and this is my absolute favorite. It holds my brows in perfect shape for over 24 hours and never ever flakes.

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Model Cara Delevingne (WireImage)

How to pull it off...

Do: If you aren't sure about the shape of your brows, have a consultation with a reputable aesthetician. Most aestheticians offer a no-commitment eyebrow mapping demo.

Do: Own those full brows! If you have lush brows, showcase them with looks that highlight your eyes and eyebrows. Smoky eyes and cat-eyes look best when framed with beautifully groomed eyebrows.

Do: Dark brows, dark eyeshadow, thick foundation, bright lips and heavy blush can be a little too much for some women. If you are feeling a little apprehensive about filling in your brows, stick to a defined brow, a coat of mascara and a beautiful classic lipstick. You can't go wrong with that timeless recipe.

Don't: Put down the tweezers and step away! When it comes to eyebrow shaping, we can be our own worst enemy. Many women become obsessed with the magnifying mirror and end up tweezing their eyebrows into oblivion. Eyebrow hairs are extremely temperamental and if over-tweezed or waxed they may never come back. If you do your own brows, be conservative or just leave it up to a reputable professional.

What is your favorite retro makeup look and how do you keep the legend alive in your daily makeup routine? Please share in the comments below and thanks for stopping by!

 (Note: This article was not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned)

YouTube Makeup Artist Kandee Johnson shows us how to recreate Katy Perry's retro makeup look.

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