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Amanda Storey

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You thought it was a good idea at the time...

You thought it was a good idea at the time...

I both love and hate the wonderfully fickle world of fashion and beauty. Most trends have me rolling my eyes and wondering who the heck buys into this stuff? Once in awhile a trend grabs my attention and has me daydreaming about ways to integrate it into my wardrobe or makeup collection. Either way, I think it's fun and interesting to keep an eye on what new fashion and beauty trends pop up. But it's very important to not fall victim to unflattering and just plain silly trends.

Here is my list of fashion and beauty trends that you should have ditched yesterday...

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Why? Please someone explain this to me?

Why? Please someone explain this to me?

Ditch: Harem Pants

I am particularly horrified by Harem pants, aka Hammer pants, aka droopy drawers. Believe me, I am all about having a personal style, and I wear some pretty eccentric clothes. But let's look at this objectively, Harem pants just aren't flattering on anyone. I really wish my legs looked like 6 inch pegs and I look like I have on a diaper - said no one ever in history!!

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Now that's where your crotch should be!

Now that's fashionable!

Trade em' in for: Chic track pants

Tailored, yet still comfy chic track pants are a much more flattering option. You can wear them during the day with flats or sneakers and glam them up for evening with sexy heels. How to pull off the look...

-Keep the fit close to your body, but not overly tight.

-Look for styles with interesting details and fabrics. I especially love printed and beaded versions.

-Pay attention to your body. Be mindful of "muffin-top" and pockets that puff out on the hips.

-Pair them with an elegant top that shows a little skin.

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So many to choose from...I think I'll pass.

So many to choose from...I think I'll pass.

Ditch: Clunky platform booties

These ugly booties definitely had a fashion moment. There was a few months where I couldn't find a website, blog or magazine that wasn't featuring some "It Girl" wearing her Jeffrey Campbell Lita's. I was never on the bandwagon. They seemed like a rip-off of every pair of shoes David Bowie wore in the 70's. And to be perfectly frank, they are just plain ugly. They make your feet look like big, clunky hooves and unless you have the gazelle-like calves of a supermodel, I am certain your legs look like tree stumps. Sorry 'bout it.

Faryl Robin for Free People Kitten Heels

Faryl Robin for Free People Kitten Heels

Trade em' in for: Kitten Heels with personality

Your lower back and ankles can breathe a sigh of relief. After endless seasons of 5-inch mega platforms, dainty kitten heels seem so fresh and modern. But let's be clear, these aren't your Granny's heels. The modern kittens have cool details like studs, laser cut-outs and layered straps. Just because your lower the heels doesn't mean you sacrifice sex appeal. A woman who can walk confidently, dance all night and not complain about her aching feet....that's pretty darn sexy.

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Her eyelid muscles must be super buff from blinking with those lashes.

Her eyelid muscles must be super buff from blinking with those lashes.

Ditch: Over-the-top eyelashes

Thanks to Kim K's crazy Snuffaluffagus lashes this trend has lasted way longer than your poor eyelashes ever hoped it would. I am all for falsies for special events, but it's the brow-grazing lashes at yoga class that concern me. I'm a Makeup Artist and let me tell you, the damage you cause your lashes from excessive use of lash products is alarming. All those pony-like lashes you grew with your prescription lash serum will fall out once you quit using it. It will take months for your lashes to look as good as they did before you ever used it. You love your long-wear lash extensions? If you do them too often you are inevitably left with bald spots where your real lashes have broken off. I guess the only thing you can do is apply more extensions to the bald areas...and the cycle continues. The biggest reason to ditch the crazy lash trend is because your natural lashes, enhanced with a nice mascara, are beautiful and good enough on their own!

A modern and interesting liquid eyeliner look

A modern and interesting liquid eyeliner look

Trade em' in for: Edgy Eyeliner

I love this trend because it is extremely versatile. To me, edgy eyeliner is an exaggerated design that might reach up to my eyebrows and out towards my temples. Edgy eyeliner to you might mean using gunmetal grey instead of soft brown. Whatever it is that is outside your eyelining comfort zone, I challenge you to try it out this season. New colors, shapes, patterns and textures have been popping up on runways and on the streets. So give it a whirl! Here are a few products to make your transition to the "edgy" side a little easier:

-Q-Tips and a little non-oily makeup remover (or lotion) will be your best friend if you make any mistakes.

-Always prime your eyes first. It will help your eyeliner stay intact and keep it from smearing onto your eyelid. I have been obsessed with NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base for years now. It never fails me.

-Start small and build up your eyeliner. It's a lot easier to add more than to take it off and start over.

-Be patient!

Just like anything else, being a pro at eyeliner takes dedication and practice.

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American Apparel Vintage Eyeglasses. For $80 you can look this good!

American Apparel Vintage Eyeglasses. For $80 you can look this good!

Ditch: Ironic ugly eyeglasses

Okay, let me get this straight. You are a young, trendy girl/guy, you walk into a store and buy a pair of purposefully hideous, unflattering non-prescription eyeglasses and then wear them around to look cool? Hipster glasses don't look cute.  First off, the fact that you are wearing non-prescription eyeglasses makes me question your judgement. But, then you are going to choose the thickest, and most over-sized and uncomplimentary frames for your face? Do you think that somehow you are special, that your beauty will transcend the ugliness of the glasses and that the world will be impressed with your irony? As a representative of reality I want to let you know, we're embarrassed for you and not at all charmed by your fashionable irony.

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I inherited most of my rings from my Grandma. They make me smile.

I inherited most of my rings from my Grandma. They make me smile.

Trade em' in for: An accessory with sentimental value

Is anyone else as bored with disposable ironic fashion trends as I am? This whole "I don't care how cheap and ugly my clothes are because I'm so cool" thing is so affected. Wanna be different? Try sincerity. Stop wasting money on trendy accessories that will end up at Goodwill in a few months. Invest your money in an accessory that is timeless, something that you will keep and someday pass on to someone you love. Wear jewelry that has a story. Buy something because it's special, not because people will think it's funny. There is a very fine line between being a fashion victim and floating along in the boring "comfort zone". Don't embrace every new trend just because "all the cool kids are doing it". Think about what works best to communicate your individual style. Don't be afraid to try new looks, but be realistic and objective. When you look good, you feel good and the most stylish and attractive attribute is confidence.

What fashion and beauty trends do you wish would disappear? What trends are you interested in trying out?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was not compensated by any brands mentioned in this article.

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