Beauty love of the week: Lush Blousey “no shampoo” shampoo

Lush Blousey shampoo and Krista DeWeese

Blousey shampoo, made with bananas - and my red hair

We’ve all stayed up to watch cheesy infomercials until the crack of dawn, right? Or is it just me who is obsessed with these miracle products that claim to be better than anything else that you have tried in your life, and can’t even buy off a store shelf? I tried the “no shampoo shampoo” products from TV where it shows a ravishing redhead dye job who suffers little to no color loss in the shower. Magical unicorns in a bottle? Yes - or so I thought.

I pumped about 15 pumps of the creamy shampoo product in my hand before I could do anything with it and rubbed it in like a maniac until the cows came home. I ended up with greasy hair that did keep the color, but looked like a head of hair that belonged in the grunge era; all I needed was a flannel and I’d be set for a Pearl Jam concert. I thought that maybe that I didn’t rinse or rub enough. I gave the product many tries before I decided it was a goner. I fell for Lori Davis hair products endorsed by Cher many years ago (if you remember that, please share your memories in the comments section!) and was thrilled maybe after two uses and then my hair went flat and greasy again.

So here I was again, watching red hair dye go down the drain with every wash. Since I dye my own hair using semi-permanent dyes, not only does a lot of dye, sweat and tears go into my hair, but I also have to buy supplies and clean up my bathroom after the mess is over. It is worth it in the end because my color is custom blended and if I mess up, the only person to blame is myself. I was on a quest for the perfect shampoo that didn’t eat away at my dye job, and it was years before I really did find one that was made for people like me. I introduce to you Blousey shampoo by Lush. The secret to this solution is bananas, which are highly moisturizing and used as the thickening agent in the shampoo. On first glance at what's in the container, you’d probably think the product was something that sat in the back of your vegetable bin for months, but it’s just our good old friend, bananas. What else is in it? Fair Trade Cloves and Star Anise decoction (Pimenta officinalis, Eugenia caryophyllus and Illicium verum) , Fresh Organic Bananas (Musa paradisica) , Pimento Berry , Ammonium Laureth Sulfate , Glycerine , Propylene Glycol , Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao) , Soya Lecithin , Lauryl Betaine , Cocamide MEA , Cupuacu Butter (Theobroma grandiflorum) , Rose Oil (Rosa damascena) , Blackcurrant Absolute (Ribes Nigrum) , Thyme Oil (Thymus vulgaris) , Rosemary Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis) , Juniperberry Oil (Juniperus communis) , *Geraniol , *Limonene , *Linalool , Citronellol.

This preservative-free, hand-made, vegan shampoo is named after big, blousey flowers like blackcurrant and juniper berry, which are also part of the ingredients list. The non-stripping formula is a godsend for those with damaged, colored, bleached and delicate hair.

It is a bit tricky to use at first. You have to dip your fingers into the jar and rub it between your hands. I normally start in the front of my hair where my greasy bangs are and start rubbing at the scalp, bringing the product through to the ends of my hair. I work in small sections since I‘ve got a ton of hair to work with. This product will not lather, so I do tend to keep adding in a little water to keep it moving through my scalp. I only use my fingertips to massage the product in my hair, and I don’t have to massage it for minutes on end, I just do a gentle and quick rub through and then comb through to the ends and sort of “squish” it through my hair. I massage my scalp as I’m rinsing to help remove the product. At this point , my hair already feels like it doesn’t need conditioner, so I only need to use a small dab of my Sally Beauty Supply One 'n Only Argan Oil Restorative Mask ($10 for 8.5 oz) (thanks to my stylist for recommending that one!) on the ends of my hair and waiting a few minutes. Yes, this conditioner does contain some sulfates, but I haven’t noticed any color loss when rinsing and my red stays vibrant.

People comment on my hair quite often, and one of the most popular comments is: "It must wash out in the shower easily." Nope! It really doesn’t after using Blousey. Even after one month of dying the hair, I didn’t need to touch up anything but the roots and applying some of my semi-permanent dye down on the ends of the hair for only about 10 minutes.

Where to buy Blousey: The Lush cosmetics store is always a delightful experience. The staff is extremely friendly and knows tons about the products. The staff is always gracious about giving away samples, and I’ve tried a few other items like their solid shampoos and conditioners, but haven’t been too impressed with the results of those. You may want to visit the store to receive samples for yourself to try Blousey or order online at the website.

Have you tried Blousey or any other Lush shampoo products? I want to hear from you! Please leave a comment below or connect with me on Twitter at @yahooshopping.

*Yahoo! Shopping was not compensated from the brands mentioned within this article.

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