5 beauty blunders that instantly age you (and how to fix them)

Whiten your teethOrange or pastel lip color can enhance the yellow on stained teeth

It's pretty safe to assume that we all want to look younger, but you may be committing beauty blunders that instantly add years to your face and body without you even knowing it! Here are some common beauty mistakes and the quick and easy ways to correct them.

Faux Pas: Yellow-based orange lipstick

Orange lipstick is being featured in every magazine and on every blog right now. I love that this bold lip color is having such a fashion moment, but let's be real about it. Orange lipstick can make your teeth look like butter. If you have a less than pearly white smile to begin with I suggest you avoid this shade at all costs. The yellow undertones that make up the orange hue really highlight any stains or discoloration.

Luster Pro Light Whitening SystemLuster Pro Light Whitening System

Fix-It: Luster Pro Whitening System

In three easy steps you can be on your way to reversing years of yellowing! Luster Pro Light is an at home whitening system that is gentle, quick and affordable.

-Visibly whitens teeth in as little as 30 minutes.

-Works faster than whitening strips and trays and doesn't cause tooth sensitivity.

-Includes a whitening accelerator mouth rinse to pre-treat and a super whitener gel to treat discoloration and deep stains.

Retails $43.99 on

Once your teeth are bright and shiny you can wear blue-based reds, red-orange and pastel lipsticks to make your smile look even more brilliant.

Faux Pas: Using powder under your eyes

Want to accentuate the fine lines under your eyes? Add years and suck moisture from the delicate under eye area? I didn't think so.

The under eye is a difficult area, it unforgivingly shows signs of illness, lack of rest and aging, yet it is the most difficult area to conceal. Many people experience their concealers caking up and creasing in the fine lines under the eyes and assume they need to "set" the concealer with powder. Bad idea.

Powder is designed to pull moisture from the skin, that's why we use it to minimize shine. Applying powder to the under eye will make the skin look wrinkly, dry and it will settle into any fine lines. Pulling moisture from an area that is already prone to premature signs of aging is just going to hasten the process.

Benefit FakeUp ConcealerBenefit FakeUp Concealer

Fix-It: Benefit Cosmetics FakeUp Concealer

The newest concealer from Benefit's innovative line of little problem solvers is the best concealer I have ever used. FakeUp is a hydrating, crease-controlling concealer that is chock full of moisturizers and anti-oxidants. This little tube provides full coverage and it doesn't settle! The finish is silky, flattering and virtually undetectable, even in natural light. It feels and looks amazing!

Retails $24 at and Benefit Boutiques

Faux Pas: Neglecting your body when it comes to skincare and sun protection

Your face isn't the only part of you that shows signs of aging, so go ahead and feel free to pay attention to the skincare needs of your entire body.

I have a twice daily facial skincare routine and I always take special care to include my neck and chest. In addition to the application of serums and moisturizers, I have a habit of using at least an SPF of 30 on any exposed skin including my hands. I live in foggy San Francisco and I still apply sunscreen everyday no matter what. Why am I so dedicated? Why not?! I only have one face and body and it doesn't take much time and energy to care for it properly.

Cosmedix Reflects Natural SPF 30Cosmedix Reflects Natural SPF 30

Fix It: Cosmedix Reflect Natural SPF 30 Sunscreen

I searched for years to find the perfect sunscreen and found Cosmedix Reflect Natural SPF 30. Most sunscreens made my skin greasy and eventually I would end up with clogged pores and acne. My skin was protected from the sun, but severely irritated and angry.

The Cosmedix Reflects Natural has not caused me any negative side effects! It is matte and completely weightless on my skin. I use it mixed with my daily moisturizer and under my makeup, and it works wonders. The convenient spray bottle allows me to spritz all of my exposed skin and easily rub in the light lotion. I have had my bottle for several months, it lasts forever!

Retails $49.20 on

Faux Pas: Overly Tweezed Eyebrows

Put down the tweezers and slowly back away from the magnifying mirror. Sparse, overly tweezed brows add years to your face and can really change your facial expressions.

Here are a few tips for brow know-how:

- Don't trust just anyone with your eyebrows. Be picky, ask questions and don't be afraid to micro-manage each individual hair. A good esthetician will understand your concerns and be happy to consult with you and help you create your perfect eyebrow shape.

- Growing in and reshaping your eyebrows can take years, be patient.

- Fill in and perfect your eyebrows with makeup. There are tons of pencils, gels and powders that can ease the pain of a re-growth period and help you anticipate what your brows will look like once they come back.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme BrowBenefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow

Fix It: Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow

I know I already mentioned a Benefit product, but I just love this brand's ability to address all of our beauty issues and then come up with the perfect solution!

Benefit Gimme Brow is my absolute favorite product launch this year. Gimme Brow is a volumizing tinted brow gel that lightly fills in eyebrows while looking completely natural. The micro-wand makes application a breeze and once the product dries it is long-lasting and smear-proof. I use both shades!

On light makeup/no makeup days I wear the light shade. For night time and more dramatic looks I use the deep shade. Gimme Brow has become my go-to eyebrow perfecting product.

Retails $22 on and Benefit Boutiques. You can also find it at Macy's, Ulta and Sephora, and

Me without makeupMe without makeup.

Faux Pas: Not acknowledging your individual beauty and instead zeroing in on your "flaws"

99.9% of the time I compliment a women she will have a negative and self-deprecating response.

Me: Your skin is lovely!

Her: Oh puhleassse, it's awful. See all these spots. I have a blemish here and a wrinkle there. When I was twenty it was great but now, (sigh), I look tired. I have bags under my eyes, etc.

Me: Take a compliment.

Fix It: Accept your humanity.

Guess what? I didn't notice any of your flaws until you pointed them out to me. I saw a lovely woman and I wanted to tell her so. Nobody is looking at your perceived flaws, we are too wrapped up in hoping that you didn't notice ours. Even if you have a blemish or dark circles, a smart and confident personality will outshine any of your little less-than-perfect quirks. (But a few little makeup tricks can help too...wink wink.)

What beauty blunders do you notice that age people? Are you guilty of any of them?

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