• Swap beauty products from your subscription boxes online

    Teresa Mathew at Fashionate 2 yrs ago

    At, a play on the word “divvy” (meaning to trade or swap), users can register their own products and swap them with another user’s items. The ecommerce store is free to use, and the service is available for use to anyone in the continental United States. Every user and their “Divvy partner” are responsible for handling their own shipping costs, and users have forty-eight hours from the time a trade is offered to decide whether or not they want to accept.

    To use the service, a user must create an account and upload a photo and description of their item(s). In order to trade they then must click “divvy” on another product and choose an item from their own collection that they want to swap with to start the process. The divvy partner can then accept the request, counter the offer with a request for a different product, or decline.

    eDivv has seven main categories (makeup, fragrance, skin care, hair, body, nails, and accessories) as well as a category titled “other” under which users can list more miscellaneous items such as books, phone cases, and, believe it or not, children’s toothpaste. 

  • July 29th is National Lipstick Day — see my top five lipstick picks

    Krista McAulay at Fashionate 2 yrs ago

    Today is National Lipstick Day, so why not celebrate with a new tube of something that can turn your frown upside down? I am a self-proclaimed lipstick-a-holic, and I probably own more than 100 shades of everything. I don’t think I turn down a lipstick purchase when I make my way down that beauty aisle. I have five picks that are my current holy grail lippies that I would like to share with you to celebrate this lipstick holiday.

    NYX Lipstick

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I love NYX lip products. With so many textures and colors to choose from, with a price that is unbeatable ($6 is great, right?), it’s really hard to pass up the new NYX display at my Target store. I recommend the NYX Matte collection for a bold, long-lasting matte look and the NYX Butter collection for a really bright pop of fun color (Lollies is my fave tangerine shade) that screams ‘Summer’!

    Cate McNabb Lipstick


  • Simple summer updo to try now

    Serena Goh at Fashionate 2 yrs ago

    The ongoing hair trend as of lately has been to ditch the long locks and opt for something short and sweet, preferably something of the shoulder-length variety. Even though I'm personally not cutting off my locks anytime soon, I know one things is certain about hair in the summer -- it doesn't fare well with sweat. So rather than than giving your hair that usual messy bun or basic pony, why not try something new?

    I've teamed up with my favorite New York hair specialist,   Allen Thomas Wood   to bring you a summer series of styling those locks and giving that blunt shoulder-length hair that boost of energy that will set your updo apart from the rest. Here's the first, a simple pony tail with an added twist.

    First, give your hair a little preparation by adding some beach waves and texture. Try   Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish   texture spray -- I swear by it. Then, section off one part of the hair where you're going to add some volume, preferably the crown.




    Model:   Christina Caradona

  • The Environmental Working Group's list of safer sunscreens

    Grace Linderholm at Fashionate 2 yrs ago

    W hen I saw this year that the Environmental Working Group, had put out an annual sunscreen review, I was intrigued. Since 2007, the EWG, an unbiased group that works for higher environmental and safety standards on US products, has tested and reviewed all market sunscreens, since they feel that the FDA does not set high enough standards for US sunscreens. You can read the EWG's mission statement here, as well as an explanation for their ranking system. The more I read, the more dismayed I became. Many of my favorite sunscreens, like almost all from the drugstore, are total duds! Most US sunscreens use oxybenzone as one of their main active ingredients to combat the sun. Unfortunately, this chemical has been found to be cancerous and mimic the effects of estrogen hormones in many studies. It's even been in the New York Times!

    Here is a short list of great sunscreens that EWG lists as "safe":

  • It's hot outside: Summer sandal trends to try now

    Serena Goh at Fashionate 2 yrs ago

    There's nothing better than resurrecting trends from seasons' past, and such is especially true when it comes to footwear. From mules and   gladiator sandals, to luxe slides and   espadrilles, this season offers some updated classics to incorporate into everyday staples. And now that we've finally given our toes that long-awaited pedicure, it's time to round up some favorites and take a closer look at this season's shoe trends, how we're wearing them, where to shop, and more importantly, whether or not we should embrace them in the first place.

    Since we're on the topic of   Birkenstocks, let's talk about the alternative to the chunky slide -- luxe slides a.k.a slip-on flip flops. If you're looking for some more feminine and chic, opt for this as an alternative. With a hectic schedule, I'm always looking to slip on something simple, and a pair of these have been the replacement to the humdrum thong flip-flop.

  • Britney Spears to launch The Intimate Collection lingerie line

    Teresa Mathew at Fashionate 2 yrs ago


    It doesn’t take much to get the Internet excited about Britney Spears. This time, however, it’s not only trolls and die-hard fans that are getting worked up—lovers of lingerie and swains of sleepwear are trying to learn more after the singer announced (via Twitter) that she is coming out with a lingerie line. The collection, named The Intimate Britney Spears , includes lingerie sets, vintage-inspired bustiers, and more casual loungewear such as jersey camisoles and sweatpants. Embellishments on the items include intricate detailing, crochet edges, lace trims, and shoulder straps. The Intimate Britney Spears is part of a collaboration with CHANGE lingerie, a Danish lingerie company with over 180 stores worldwide.

    "Every woman should feel confident and beautiful in everything she puts on. My vision for The Intimate Britney Spears is to create pieces that are sexy, luxurious, and comfortable at the same time. I am excited to introduce this collection because I feel that we accomplished exactly that," Spears said in a statement about the line.

  • Marimekko collaborates with Paperless Post for fashionable stationery collection

    Teresa Mathew at Fashionate 2 yrs ago

    The collection features 40 different designs intended for every occasion. Whether you're planning a summer soiree or just want some eye-catching new stationery, Marimekko for Paperless Post enables you to to put pen to paper with panache. But don't worry--if you don't want to use paper or the US Postal Service, the stationery is also available for online use.

    Paperless Post specializes in design-driven online and printed stationery, and frequently partners with well-known fashion designers. Past collaborators have included Kate Spade New York, J Crew, and Oscar de la Renta. The main card categories they offer are seasonal, greetings, parties, wedding, and birthday, in addition to a wide variety of stationery. 

    (Yahoo Shopping was not sponsored by the brands mentioned within this article)

  • Fitbit announces a new partnership with designer Tory Burch

    Teresa Mathew at Fashionate 2 yrs ago

    The collaborative product line is comprised of a pendant and three different bracelets. The pendant and one of the bracelets are made of solid brass with a box for the FitBit Flex and designed in Tory Burch’s fretwork style. The other two bracelets, which are available in fuchsia and ‘Tory Navy’, are made of silicone and printed with a signature Tory Burch pattern.

    All of the accessories come at typical Tory Burch prices: the brass pendant costs $175, the silicone bracelets $38, and the brass bracelet is priced the steepest at $195 (though perhaps this should not come as a surprise from a company that sells $85 key fobs). The FitBit Flex is not included with the accessory, so users must also purchase the device from FitBit directly if they wish to use the accessories as anything more than jewelry. According to the Tory Burch website, the tracker and accessories are best used in conjunction to track workouts and sleep.

    The collaboration between both companies was announced earlier this year, and the products are now available to pre-order on both and as well as select Tory Burch boutiques.

  • White lipstick: The beauty multi-tool that you haven't tried yet

    Grace Linderholm at Fashionate 2 yrs ago

    I have a confession for you: when it comes to makeup, I am not the natural artist I pretend to be. I've been working on improving my skills lately, but the fact is, I can really only do 4 or 5 looks. I've been working on a perfecting a cat-eye for about 6 years now. My favorite application method for makeup is smearing it on with my fingers. I like this look, and I think it works for me, but lately, I've been feeling like I'm settling for something easy. I'm in awe of make-up artists who can create illusions on their face, and make it looks seamless. Have you ever seen the Pixiwoo sisters? They are, of course, naturally gorgeous, but I've seen them transform into Marlene Dietrich. It's astounding. 

    The list of make-up things I can do well basically boils down to techniques that you would use in actual painting. I'm an art student, so when it comes to color theory, shading, and smearing stuff around, I'm your girl. I like to call my make-up style 'impressionism'. Fake it 'till you make it.

  • Newly launched Plum Perfect beauty app picks your perfect shades

    Krista McAulay at Fashionate 2 yrs ago

    After spending some time experimenting with beauty app technology that alters your photos to make your face look slimmer, skin flawless and eyes brighter, I had given up on the whole scene. None of these apps really seemed to do anything that actually benefitted me, but they helped me create some really skewed photos of myself to show off on Instagram. But the Plum Perfect app is different. Before I get into why I recommend this app for beauty fans, let me give you a bit of background on this product.

    “Unlike anything else in the marketplace, Plum Perfect transforms the mobile camera into a personalized beauty advisor for shoppers on the go.  We explain why each recommendation is a scientific match for that consumer.” says Asmau Ahmed, Plum Perfect’s founder and CEO whose expertise in chemical engineering and color analytics as well as her passion for shopping inspired her to launch the technology.

    My experience with Plum Perfect

    Readers, have you tried other beauty apps? Tell us your experience with them below!