• Fashion blogger spotlight: Melanee Shale

    Photography by Ryan ChuaFor the next candidate in our blogger spotlight series, we talked with Melanee Shale, a fashion blogger based out of L.A.

    I met Melanee through her sister, who contacted us on her behalf after our interview with the lovely ladies from Powderdoom. I was so delighted to meet someone who’s family supported them so much that I decided to look her up, and I’m very glad I did. This is a woman who knows what she’s about.

    YF (Yahoo Fashionate): First of all,  can you introduce yourself to our readers? We want to know all about you before we get to the fashion stuff.

    MS: Hello everyone! My name is Melanee. I’m 32 years old, a fashion fanatic and an L.A based fashion blogger. I recently received a Master’s degree in Journalism from California State University, Northridge so I’m also pursuing a career as a fashion/entertainment reporter. I’m a born and bred Angeleno but also lived in New York for eight years so I like to say that my fashion sense is made from a mix of L.A bohemian and New York

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  • Makeup shades that are universally flattering

    I really wish I looked good in bright blue eyeshadow! So jealous....I really wish I looked good in bright blue eyeshadow! Have you ever looked longingly at a woman wearing a lipstick or an eyeshadow color that you could never pull off yourself? Yeah, me too.

    Sure there's a world of colors and textures that might not work for you, but there are also a lot of shades that DO work for everyone.

    Here are a few of my favorite universally flattering makeup shades for all skin tones, eye colors and ages of women!

    Gorgeous bronze eyeshadow!Gorgeous bronze eyeshadow!Bronze Eyeshadow

    Bronze shadows are beautiful on all skin tones and eye colors. If you have brown eyes, a bronzed shadow will make your eyes appear more golden. If you have blue or green eyes, bronze is the opposite color of your eyes, and will really enhance their color and make them pop.

    For fair skin: Use lighter, peachier shades of bronze like Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in My Two Cents ($20). The sheer texture of the cream eyeshadow allows you to use a light sweep of carefully blended color or pack it on for a more dramatic look. 

    For deeper skin tones: Choose richly pigmented shades of

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  • Beauty Shout Out: Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush

    One of the many incarnations of cat-eyes I have created.One of the many incarnations of cat-eyes I have created. I've been a fan of liquid eyeliner and cat-eyes since birth. I cat-walked out on the day of my birth and demanded a cake eyeliner and a thin brush before the doctors could even declare "It's a Girl".

    With that said, I have spent many hours of my life in search of the ideal eyeliner and brush to create the ultimate cat-eye. We're talking Sophia Loren quality here. Perfectly symmetrical, flawless, mega-gorgeous and long-lasting. My lifelong journey has led to many products and tools, but it wasn't until now that I had that "YASSSSS!" moment.

    I have mentioned time and again that I am a huge fan of the Pixiwoo Sisters. Sam Chapman and Nic Haste have introduced to me to so many amazing products and techniques through their YouTube channel "Pixiwoo". When Sam Chapman developed her own line of makeup brushes I was an insta-fan. I completely trust her design aesthetic as well as her dedication to quality and practicality. I own almost every brush from the Real Techniques collection!


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  • The Face Slimmer Mouthpiece $63 Since the beginning of time, humans have been finding weirder and weirder ways to adorn themselves. From body modification to insanely expensive beauty products, it's clear that people seek out to be prettier, younger, fresher scented and all around more desirable to themselves and one another. Here are some of the wackiest and weirdest products that are helping people along their journey to become more attractive.

    The Face Slimmer Mouthpiece ($63)

    There is something absolutely terrifying and unsettling about this piece of facial exercise equipment. The product description reads: Use for 3 minutes a day while reciting vowels methodically for a slimmer, less saggy face. Does it work? I don't care, it's freaking me out. I would much rather do some facial yoga.

    Breath Palette Complete Set of 31 Flavored Toothpastes Breath Palette Flavored Toothpaste- Set of 31 flavors for $83

    Ugh! I am so bored with my basic mint flavored toothpaste, but what else is out there? Where does a gal go for, I don't know, cola-flavored toothpaste or monkey

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  • Glamour Gripes: Why I'm mad at makeup palettes

    An entire drawer full of palettes with one used up eyeshadow!An entire drawer full of palettes with one used up eyeshadow! I have an entire drawer full of makeup palettes. I've got matte shadow palettes, shimmer shadow palettes, combination matte and shimmer eyeshadow palettes. Next, there's the entire face palettes that have cheek colors, highlighters, eyeshadows, concealers, pencils and lip colors. I'm not listing my collection for bragging rights, in fact I'm a little ashamed of how much unused and ignored products I have acquired!

    In each and every palette that I own there are one or two products I have used up completely and the rest of the contents are pretty much untouched. I recently did a makeup inventory and I am left wondering why I don't I use up all of the colors in my makeup sets? Why do I choose a select few shades/products I like and then shove the palette into the back of my makeup vanity? Are makeup palettes really worth it or do you end up wasting a lot of money and perfectly good product?

    Upon further inspection I definitely noticed a pattern in my palette preferences. First, I cannot

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  • (Photo: iStock)
    The sun is starting to peek through the clouds, and we’re busting out our sandals and browsing lists of pretty dresses and hot spring makeup looks. It is now time to wipe away all that was winter, and spring forward into a fresh and new appearance. Here, I bring you 10 of my favorite beauty and personal care products to guide you to a bright and beautiful season ahead.

    Smile Brighter

    Have an important event coming up? I’ve got a slew of them marked on the calendar. It’s wedding season, graduation time, Easter and even my own class reunion is coming up. With all of these events on the calendar that include photo ops, I want to be sure my smile is at its brightest. I wouldn’t want my 20-year reunion smile to look yellow and locked away on my classmates’ Facebook albums forever.

    To prepare my teeth for these events, I’ve been using Luster Pro Light. Created by dentists, this innovative gadget whitens teeth 2X faster than the strips and trays you see on the market today. If you have tooth

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  • 5 easy updates for your beauty routine

    Every woman has their routine when it comes to applying makeup, some more complex than others. Even though this routine stays the same over the various seasons, I personally like changing things up -- usually swapping brighter hues for deeper ones, golden bronzer for rosy blush, powder foundation for tinted moisturizer, and so forth -- but with a cold winter as long as the one we had, I've been incorporating a few small updates to keep my skin feeling and looking fresh without overcomplicating things.

    With spring just days away, here are a few ideas you can try to help upgrade your winter makeup into spring without having to go through a major overhaul of products.

    1. If your routine is somewhat similar to mine, then you probably try to avoid anything too dramatic, but on the days and evenings where you want to change some things up by adding a subtle shimmer to your lids to draw attention to your eyes and enhance your look. Try: Bobbi Brown's Limited Edition Color Palettes

    2. Opt for

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    David Bromstad, winner of the debut season of HGTV Design Star, has done a magical thing. He's designed amazing shoes for Naturalizer that are just the thing for spring. With the colorful floral designs that he's created for this line, you're going to fall in love with these fresh and oh-so-comfy shoes, that you'll want them all...including the matching bags!

    Don't miss out on the exclusive Naturalizer interview with David, today, March 12th at 2:30 pm, Pacific Time. Join them for a Google Hangout via Naturalizer's Google+ page to hear from David as he discusses how the collection came to be and his thoughts on color, style, the role of accessories and much more. David will also be showcasing the vibrant and on-trend shoes and handbags from his collection.

    Without any more hesitation, allow me to introduce you to the line of these stylish and comfortable shoes. Let's start off with the pair that I own and adore. The Bromstad Ursela shoes ($79) are just what I needed for spring. Since

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  • Do makeup finishing sprays really work?

    I don't know about you, but when I apply my makeup in the morning I want it to stay perfectly intact all day. I can't stand when my foundation starts to separate or my concealer settles into the creases around my eyes. I won't reapply my makeup at lunch time and I definitely won't be packing on powder all day.

    So what do you do to keep your makeup fresh all day?

    I've tried primers, long-wearing foundation formulas and setting powders and I have never been pleased with the results. Primers seem to clog my pores and many long-wearing foundations feel heavy and look even heavier! I try to stay away from any type of face powder because my skin tends to be on the dry side and powder really draws moisture from my skin. When I thought I had tried everything and that I would just have to submit to a lifetime of midday touch-ups, I realized there was one makeup product I had not tried yet, makeup setting spray.

    Makeup setting sprays scared me to death. I was in beauty pageants as a kid and I

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  • Hair trend alert: Rose gold hair dye

    Me on upper left with some of my Pinterest inspirations
    I’m known to be a lot of things; a makeup collector, a compulsive shopper, and dog lover. But when it comes to hair, I am better known as the lady who changes hair colors with the wind. I challenge myself with hair trends every season, whether it's the fishtail braid (really easy after the 5th try!), ombre hair (this style is out, right?) and now my newest obsession, rose gold hair color. I’ve always gravitated towards the beautiful copper color of rose gold, and even started collecting jewelry in this tone. So gorgeous!

    When I saw rose gold hair trends popping up on Pinterest, I started to get a bit excited about it, but then found out that most of the photos had been Photoshopped to change the tone in the model or celebrities’ hair! Beginning to think this shade was unattainable, I started to do some research on how to get a peachy copper color on my hair without damaging it. To my dismay, I found out that I’d have to first remove the existing medium red color from my hair using

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