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Who’s the world’s most dangerous cyber celeb?

lily collins

Move over, Emma Watson. You're so 2012.

Lily Collins, star of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, has just topped McAfee's 2013 list of Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity.

Now in its seventh year, security experts McAfee has set out to find the “riskiest” pop culture celebrities on the web – meaning their name is tied to the most malicious software (malware), including viruses and spyware, as well as tools designed to steal and exploit personal information for financial gain.

Coming in at number 2 is Canadian rocker Avril Lavigne, while third spot is reserved for Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock.

This infographic shows the Top 10 most “dangerous” celebs to click or tap through online, as you might find bad links that might do you harm (or your computer or data).

While more details are provided here, McAfee provided these interesting facts from this year’s study:

• Best known for his work on Mad Men and 30 Rock, Jon Hamm (no. 8) is the only male to crack the Top Ten. Justin Timberlake came in at no. 12 and Patrick Dempsey at no. 13 -- but no one else in the Top 20.

• A total of 17 musicians made it in the Top 50, with a number of pop divas in the Top 10: Avril Lavigne (no. 2), roaring Katy Perry (no. 6), and Vegas-bound Britney Spears (no. 7).

• Funny celebs tied to malware are no laughing matter. Along with Sandra Bullock (no. 3), there’s also Kathy Griffin (no. 4), Amy Poehler (no. 17), Ellen DeGeneres (no. 23) and two Jimmys: Fallon (no. 24), and Kimmel (no. 39).

• Reality stars can also slap you into the reality of online scammers. The Voice co-judges Blake Shelton (no. 21) and Adam Levine (no. 32) were the highest on the list, followed by the Kardashian clan: Kanye West (no. 22), Kourtney Kardashian (no. 27), Kim Kardashian (no. 35), Khloe Kardashian (no. 36), Kris Jenner (no. 38) and Ryan Seacrest (no. 40), the Kardashians’ executive producer and all-around media mogul.

• Latinas livin' la vida loca also spiced things up in the Top 20: Shakira (at no. 11), Selena Gomez (no. 14), Demi Lovato (no. 16) and Eva Mendes (at no. 19).

So, what to do?

To stay protected, McAfee provided Yahoo Digital Crave with the following tips and tricks:

• Beware of content that prompts you to download anything before providing you the content. You may want to opt to watch streaming videos or download content from official websites of content providers.

• Free downloads are significantly the highest virus-prone search term. Anyone searching for videos or files to download should be careful to not unleash malware on their computer.

• Always use password protection on your phone and other mobile devices. If your phone is lost or stolen, anyone who picks up the device could publish your information online.

• Established news sites may not entice you with exclusives for one solid reason: there usually aren't any. Try to stick to official news sites that you trust for breaking news. However, trusted sites can also fall prey to hackers. Make sure to use a safe search tool that will notify you of risky sites or links before you visit them.

• Don't download videos from suspicious sites. This should be common sense, but it's worth repeating: don’t download anything from a website you don’t trust, especially video. Most news clips you'd want to see can easily be found on official video sites, and don't require you to download anything. If a website offers an exclusive video for you to download, don't.

• Don't log in or provide other information: If you receive a message, text or email or visit a third-party website that asks for your information, credit card, email, home address, Facebook login or other information for access to an exclusive story, don't give it out. Such requests are a common tactic for phishing that could lead to identity theft.

• If you do decide to search for information on a major event or celebrity in the news, make sure your entire households devices have protection, such as McAfee LiveSafe, which protects all devices including your PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. It also includes malware detection software, McAfee Mobile Security, to protect your smartphone or tablet from all types of malware.

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