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Valentine’s Day ecards: 5 websites and apps to spread the love

Pingg Valentine's Day e-cardPingg Valentine's Day e-cardLike it or not, February 14 comes around every year. Some folks brush it off like any other day, but for some of us, we choose to recognize the hearts, roses, and other spectacles of love.

Besides all the stuff people get on Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing like being surprised by a message from your loved one in the middle of the day.

No, I’m not talking about an email or tweet. I’m talking about ecards. Before you roll your eyes and comment that ecards are impersonal and uncreative, there are some ecards that are clever and worth clicking “send.”

Here are five stand-out ecard websites and apps where you have the choice to customize and mail (additional costs may apply), email, or share on social media. And don’t forget, at the end of the day, it really is the thought that counts.

Pingg, $0-$10

Known for their online invitations, pingg has a collection of ecards designed by artists, designers, and brands that look more unique than your average ecard. Each card has its own personality and feel – and you can customize the font and sometimes color. You can email the card to your loved you, share it on Facebook and Twitter, or choose to send via post. When you search the site, you’ll see a large selection of both free and premium designs. If you’re thinking about sending a premium ecard, the cost is $10 for an entire year.

Red Stamp Valentine's Day cardRed Stamp Valentine's Day cardRed Stamp, free

If you really want to get someone’s attention with a Valentine, check out Red Stamp. You can text, tweet, Facebook, and Instagram the card you create in addition to your usual email and mail delivery.

The website is in beta right now so there isn’t a large selection but you can personalize the cards with photos and personal message – making it more unique.

Red Stamp also has an app you can download for free with in-app purchases that start at $0.99.

SomeecardsSomeecardsSomeecards, free

These popular cards on social media are actual ecards you can send. Someecards are known for their wit and sardonic humor.

You can add a personal message in addition to the pre-made card – hopefully your message puts the card in context so you don’t get in trouble. Some cards are NSFW so choose carefully.

There is also an app you can download for $0.99. Don’t forget, they make it easy for you to share their pre-made cards on social media – you can also pin, tweet, Facebook, and post on tumblr.

Hipster e-cardsHipster e-cardsHipster Cards, free

The ecards at Hipster Cards may feel familiar to you because of selection of retro-inspired designs but if you look closely, they have added their own modern twist.

They have fun categories like “Tiny Confessions Valentines” from the point of view from a dog.  These ecards have a cheeky sense of humor and are free.

JustWinkJustWinkJustWink, free

JustWink is the product of American Greetings and they can be accessed on the web, via app, and in stores. The free ecards are interactive – click the card cover to open the card and see your message. When you’re creating the card, you can add photos, text, and digitally sign it. Once you’re done, you can send an email for free or mail it for a fee.

Don’t forget, you can also text and Facebook your card too. At selected stores, you can also buy the paper cards. And if you don’t want to create your card on the go, you can download the free app here.

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