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Katy Perry talks holidays, virtual seasoning in ‘The Sims’

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Katy Perry

When she's not performing, recording or collecting awards -- like her recent Billboard Woman of the Year nod -- pop princess Katy Perry is hanging out where you'd least expect her: in a computer game.

Yahoo! spoke with the affable 28 year-old Perry about her affinity for the holiday season, which she also celebrates virtually in The Sims 3 Seasons ($39.99; for Windows PCs) from Electronic Arts. The add-on disc lets gamers take control over Perry, dress her up in holiday-themed outfits and partake in seasonal activities.

Yahoo!: What are your plans for the holidays?

Katy Perry: Well, you're not supposed to see I'm wearing my spanks. I'm getting ready to expand. The holidays are about getting warm, being with family and friends and eating a lot, of course. My cousin is having a baby girl a couple of days before Thanksgiving so I'm excited to see her, meet her. I'm hoping she's small because I want to take a picture of her on a turkey dish, like she's turkey (laughs). We'll just all be together to celebrate the birth of a new Hudson, someone new in my family roaming the earth -- so beware everyone.

Y!: So, turkey or fruitcake?

KP: I'm a turkey person, and I could not probably attempt to make a turkey. My sister is a tofurkey person. And in The Sims 3, you have the option to be a vegetarian, which I think is very considerate of the gaming world. You can make tofurkey. I love stuffing and stuff like that. It's wonderful you try out all these holiday things [in the game], and now there's complimentary weather to go along with it, so if you want to make a snow angel or carving pumpkins with leaves falling. It's a nicer holiday experience.

Y!: Are you in The Sims 3 Seasons, as you were in previous Sims expansions, like Showtime, Sweet Treats and Supernatural?

KP: Yes, I am inside Seasons and I'm wearing season-appropriate outfits, naturally, that I have picked out. I'm a little bit more casual, because it's kind of like The Sims is paralleling my life; right now I'm in a chill-out mode, things aren't too crazy, I'm in between records. I'm wearing jeans, a red, snowflake-y hoodie and I've got brown hair — no pink or blue hair, as with past games. There's always the option to wear my peppermint swirling dress if you want, to wear to a Christmas party [in the game].

Y!: What is it about The Sims that made you want to be involved with the franchise?

KP: You can do all these crazy things in the game. One of my favorite things is you can also "woo hoo" in an igloo — we all know what "woo hoo" means. [The game] is rated "Teen." It's fun because [Electronic Arts] approached me on the first record to do Hot n Cold in Simlish [the gibberish Sims language] so it' almost been a natural relationship, it's snowballed into this partnership. I like that they applied and adopted and was very influential with Sweet Treats [a previous Sims 3 expansion]. They adopted my "sweet" perspective on life I had on tour last year. I felt very proud, that there was some ownership.

Y!: Any Katy Perry music in this new game?

KP: Not new music — in the past they've used my music -- I also recorded Last Friday Night in Simlish, which I think went over very well. But it's extra nice to have an audience of people not necessarily my fans or not exposed to music. I would like to go Simlish caroling though, is that possible (laughs)?

Y!: What's your favorite holiday memory?

KP: We always watched the Thanksgiving Day parade. It's really early and I don't want to get out of bed, but my mom and dad always turn it on loud and you can't sleep through it. So we watch the Thanksgiving Day parade. And we're also the type of family who opens up that one Christmas present the night before, and usually if you always pick the huge one, which was always a box within a box within a box within a box — so it's a pair of socks, basically. But we don't do a whole lot of gift exchanging anymore, mostly because my little brother is a geek (laughs). But we enjoy being around together, picking on each other and drinking lots of eggnog. Lots of "nectar juice," as it's called in The Sims.

Y!: You seem to have an affinity for the holiday season.

KP: The holidays actually start for me October 1st and go to February 15th. Although I am celebrating bank holidays because I miss the real holidays — that's a joke and it's a bad one (laughs). I just love the idea of having a good Christmas sweater party…it's strange in California, you don't get to have all the seasons. You don't get to do snow angles. Here there's a big outdoor mall called The Grove and they simulate snow and everybody's freaking out, whereas on the east coast they have to call in tractors and shovels and get this stuff out of here. So, they're not as excited as we are. So it's nice to have that virtual reality and have a little extra seasoning.

Y!: Do you have a favorite Christmas movie?

KP: Yes! Home Alone. I love when the mom goes "Uh, did we forget something? Kevin!" We have it on replay and everyone watches it forever.

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