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Get your hands on these 10 new smartphone games

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With hundreds of thousands of games now available for all the major smartphones and tablets– mostly catering to Apple iOS devices and Android owners – you bet your bitmaps there's no shortage of fun digital diversions for all tastes and skill levels.

In fact, therein lies the problem: With so many games at the App Store and Google Play market, how do you know what’s worthy of your time and money? We can help.

The following are 10 new games for your favorite mobile device, each one catering to a different kind of gamer.

While you’re at it, also to click over to our previous round-up, entitled 10 free smartphone games you need to play. Oh, and be sure to recommend your own favorite new games in the comments section below.

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Leo’s Fortune ($2.99; iOS)

Love platforming games? Collecting things? Gorgeous graphics? You’ll find all three in Leo’s Fortune from 1337 & Senri LLC. This WWDC Apple Design Award winner is a side-scrolling adventure that stars Leo – a round creature that might be the child of Oscar the Grouch and Super Mario – and you must retrieve your stolen gold pieces throughout multiple worlds. As you follow the trail of gold breadcrumbs, you’ll navigate through dangerous forests and trap-filled deserts and solve physics-based puzzles on snow-capped mountains and through pirate cities. Along with exceptional graphics and a variety of levels (totalling two dozen), the game is a breeze to play thanks to smart touch-based controls. If you can complete Leo’s quest you’ll unlock Hardcore Mode; try to beat the entire game without dying to unlock a special bonus.

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Knights of Puzzelot (Free; iOS)

If you like Match 3-style games like Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled, try your hand at Knights of Puzzelot for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This free puzzler works in a similar fashion to other Match-3 games – swipe objects on a board to create a line of at least 3 adjoining identical items – but Glu Games adds a lot more to the gameplay including collectable items, battling monsters, unlocking special powers and finding treasure. For example, swipe to match 3 swords to strike creatures, while matching 3 shields helps to defend you from attacks. In fact, there’s also a role-playing game (RPG) element as you customize your hero’s abilities with hundreds of items. This turn-based game includes more than 50 increasingly challenging levels. While free, be aware there is an option to buy additional in-game coins or gems for real money (or you can earn them through special offers).

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Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (Free; iOS and Android)

If city building sims are more your pace, not unlike The Simpsons: Tapped Out, then Family Guy fans will love TinyCo, Inc.’s The Quest for Stuff. Based on FOX’s dysfunctional family, this Family Guy game for phones and tablets has you rebuild the fictional Rhode Island town of Quahog after Peter Griffin accidentally destroys it. Hey, that’s what happens when you engage in an epic battle against a giant chicken. Your job is to rebuild all the parts of the city – from Spooner Street to the business district to Asian Town and the seaport, mostly by unlocking your favorite Family Guy characters (even Meg) and performing ridiculous missions for them. Can you say freakin’ sweet? Yes, all the irreverent Family Guy humor you love is in the game – and don’t skip through the hilarious dialogue sequences—plus you can visit friend’s games via Facebook for bonus cash and golden clams. The game is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Russian.

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FarmVille 2: Country Escape (Free; iOS and Android)

Instead of a Facebook game squeezed onto a mobile device, Zynga’s Country Escape is the first FarmVille game built from the ground up for smartphones and tablets. As with its predecessors, your goal is to build, decorate and maintain a bustling farm, sell products for cash, which can be used to expand your rural empire. This free sequel lets you play in multiple ways: by yourself in an offline mode, with friends over GameCenter or Google Play or through your Facebook friends, plus you can gift items to yourself to play in the web browser version of the game or vice-versa. Other features include: many collectible items, including rare treasures; relax while you fish with your fellow farmers; trade items and chat with friends from all over the world; and compete with other gamers while rising up through the global rankings. FarmVille 2: Country Escape does off optional in-app purchases for additional content.

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Toilet Time: Mini Games to Play in the Bathroom (Free; iOS and Android)

Whether you admit it or not, many smartphone and tablet owners take their device to the bathroom. Now we’ve got an official game that celebrates this private downtime on the throne. While you can play it anytime and anywhere, Toilet Time from Tapps Tecnologia da Informação lets you have some fun while you’re doing your business – with a handful of quick bathroom-related “micro games” including regulating the temperature of the shower, finding a toilet stall to use, unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper, using your pee to clean objects from inside the toilet bowl, killing cockroaches that come out of the drain and adjusting the toilet seat for men and women (note: new games are added every few weeks, it seems). While playing these fast-paced games, you’ll earn special keys that can be used to unlock items in the virtual Toilet Museum, including Robin Hood’s Potty.

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Left in the Dark: No One on Board (Free; iOS)

If you like good mysteries with an eerie atmosphere and Where’s Waldo-like exercises that challenge you to find objects, G5’s Left in the Dark: No One on Board is one of those story-driven adventure games that has you scouring busy scenes to find well-hidden objects. You must solve the case of a ship that vanished at sea years ago, along with the crew and cargo. After you accept the case and arrive in this spooky port town, you stumble upon a curse tied to the memory of a tragic fire on Devil's Island – or are the town residents hiding behind a supernatural explanation? This free iOS game stars seven characters, 68 levels, 14 minigames and more than a dozen unlockable Achievements (such as "Solved a minigame in under minute) spread throughout the lengthy single-player game. If you can get past the bad voice acting, iPad, iPhone and iPod tough owners in particular will appreciate the hand-drawn artwork and fun puzzles.

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Free; iOS)

Owners of an iPad 2 or newer will no doubt enjoy tapping through Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, a critically-acclaimed and commercially successful fantasy card game. From the same studio that brought us Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft comes a few fast-paced strategy game for iPad owners that has you choosing cards to cast spells, summon creatures and eventually, seize control of the battlefield. Those unfamiliar with these kinds of card games – virtual or physical – will find the introductory missions helpful to teach you both basic and advanced strategies to Hearthstone’s gameplay. Build your deck with hundreds of additional cards – many of which requiring in-app purchases – plus your cards are always tied to your account, so you can log into the desktop computer version for when you’re at the office (er, and the boss isn’t around).

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Blast Zone! (Free; iOS)

Anyone remember Bomberman? You might call Kabam’s Blast Zone! A spiritual successor, of sorts. This iOS exclusive is an explosive action game that has you using bombs on a board to blast away your enemies. While you need an Internet connection to play, the game includes a deep single player campaign for you to hone in your skills before you compete in numerous online multiplayer arenas (up to 6 players) to level-up, collect power-ups and boosts, and climb the global leaderboards. In fact, you can team up with friends in a co-op mode and tackle other teams for worldwide acclaim or compete in weekly tournaments and events for prizes and other rewards. In total, the game features more than 400 unique levels, multiple themes (from pirate ships to jungles to dance clubs), customizable characters and intuitive touch controls.

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Ruzzle Adventure (Free; iOS)

If word games are more your pace, the last two games in this round-up might be for you. MAG Interactive’s Ruzzle Adventure is the follow up to the mega-popular Ruzzle – which has seen more than 50 million players worldwide – and builds upon what made its predecessor so sought after. This fast-paced word game has you build words on the board by dragging your finger across adjacent tiles. Featuring more than 300 unique levels, a fun story and characters, Ruzzle Adventure adds rising waters and locked letters to put the pressure on – but you can always use your boosters to stay on top of your game. For those who like to show off their mad skills, Ruzzle Adventure has a Facebook login option, so you can play against your friends and compare scores with each other.

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Crosswords Puzzles! (Free; iOS)

Love doing crossword puzzles in the newspaper? Keep the ink off your hands with Critical Hit Software’s Crossword Puzzles!, a free-to-download game that lets you a new puzzle every day, as you tour around the world to see exotic locations; gorgeous HD images cycle in the background in both landscape and portrait orientation. Don’t worry if you don’t finish the puzzle each day as it’ll always be accessible to you, even though a new board awaits you each day (most puzzles available offline, too, should you find yourself on an airplane without Wi-Fi. If you get stuck, tap the Hint button for some help. Thi game is only available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, but Android and Kindle Fire owners can download the equally-as-addictive Jigsaw Puzzle Free from Critical Hit Software, featuring more than 4,000 puzzles.

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