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Five things you didn’t know about Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo 2ds

If you’re a gamer, chances are you already know Nintendo is about to launch Nintendo 2DS, an entry-level handheld gaming and entertainment system.

This portable powerhouse is now available in red and blue, to start, and plays all existing Nintendo 3DS games in 2D, as well as Nintendo DS cartridges, digital downloads, demos and videos, and more.

But you already know all this, you say?

Well, to give you a few tidbits of info you might not be aware of, Yahoo Digital Crave caught up with Bill Trinen, Director of Product Marketing, at Nintendo of America.

Same size as 3DS

The Nintendo 2DS is smaller than it looks. In fact, it’s approximately the same size as a Nintendo 3DS when opened. The Nintendo 2DS doesn’t have a clamshell design like previous Nintendo DS/3DS machines. To protect the screen, there are optional carrying cases, available in red or blue for $12.99 apiece.

It still takes pictures in 3D

While the gaming machine can play 3D games in 2D, the Nintendo 2DS still has two-outward facing cameras, so it takes pictures in 3D that can be viewed in 3D on other devices like Nintendo 3DS and some 3D-compatible televisions.

Support for all titles (yes, all)

While it’s a new machine, it retains similar hardware features as its big brother, including two screens, touch functionality and familiar gameplay controls. Plus, the Nintendo 2DS offers backward compatibility with the existing library of more than 2,000 Nintendo DS games, as well as all the 3DS games, wireless multiplayer features and all digitally delivered games via the Nintendo eShop.

Game on (and on and on)

Nintendo 3DS gamers know you can simply close the lid to pause your game and resume at a later time.

The Nintendo 2DS, however, has a sleep mode you can activate by pressing a button – but since you might hit it by accident while playing, a switch can deactivate the power button to keep you from accidentally turning it off.

Smart, no?


While gamers might not care as much about this feature as parents of gamers, Nintendo has added parental controls that let them manage some of the content their children can access, such as restricting web access or “Mature”-rated games.

Also, did you know the Nintendo 2DS will ship with AR (augmented reality) cards? Taking advantage of the machine’s cameras, sensors and augmented reality software, you can see and interact with superimposed objects in your real environment (like your kitchen) while looking through your device’s lenses.

Digital Crave readers, are you looking forward to the Nintendo 2DS?

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