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This alarm clock app is like no other

wake n shake alarm app iphone ipad

If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, a new app called Wake N Shake Alarm Clock ($1.99) might just be what the (sleep) doctor ordered.

What makes this app unique -- compared the hundreds of other alarm clocks at the App Store -- begins with how you need to turn off the alarm.

Quite simply, you need to shake the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to turn it off.

If you're a morning person, you might opt for the reasonably short and sweet "Milk Shake" or "Piñata" shake setting. These only require a half dozen or so shakes for the red bar to rise to the top of the screen and turn off the sound effect or music.

But those who have a hard time lifting their head off the pillow might choose the "Cold Shower" or "Dream Killer" settings that require a lot more shakes to turn off the dreaded alarm. The meanest shake setting, called "Merciless," doesn't even have a snooze option. Ouch.

Along with the ability to select a song from your library, you can also choose a sound effect to wake up to -- including the bomb- and bullet-filled "Private Ryan," the annoying "Squeaky Toy," or the maniacal "Evil Laugh," to name a few.

But Wake N Shake Alarm Clock is also a "gamified" app, as you can earn points for waking up quickly and/or early, unlock achievements (rewards) and compete with friends on Facebook to be the wake-up queen or king of the week (the one with the most shake points wins).

Facebook integration is optional, of course, but the app pairs you up with other Wake N Shake Alarm Clock users. The app developer, Andres Canella, says they do not collect, analyze or share this data.

The app's interface is very intuitive, employing a 4-way swipe mechanic to activate or deactivate an alarm, set a countdown timer for a quick nap or tweak the sound effects, shake duration or music selection.

While the Wake N Shake Alarm Clock rocks -- and a real treat for those who snagged it for free during a temporary promotion in mid-January -- be aware the app has to be running on screen for it to work. This is due to an iOS limitation that affects all third-party alarm clock apps.

For more on this social, shakeable app, with fun sound effects and music support, check out

And here's the official launch video for the app:

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