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  • Using up too much data on your phone? Here are 10 ways to cut back

    Marc Saltzman at Digital Crave2 yrs ago

    It's one modern convenience most of us can't live without: our mobile   phone.

    As you well know, these   touchscreen devices   have evolved into a pocket-sized computer capable of messaging, web surfing, video conferencing, gaming, photography, GPS navigation, social networking, fitness tracking and handling work documents.

    Oh, and they let you make   calls, too.

    But many of the fun things you can do on a   smartphone   today require "data," therefore you likely have a monthly plan with your carrier that gives you a certain number of megabytes or gigabytes to use up by the end of the month.

    If you find yourself nearing your limit or going over -- and paying the price for doing so -- the following are some tips and tricks to using less data.

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  • How to recover computer files you accidentally deleted

    Marc Saltzman at Digital Crave2 yrs ago

    Don't worry, it's happened to the best of us. The good news is it's possible to recover the files you've accidentally deleted.

    Well, in most cases you can retrieve accidentally deleted files.

    So, what to do?

    To "undelete" these files, you'll need to download third-party software, as these computer programs are not built into Windows or Mac OS.

    Popular solutions for Windows include   Recuva   (my favorite), Uneraser, Undelete Plus, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, WinUndelete and Restoration. Mac users might consider Data Rescue 3. Some programs, like Recuva, can also recover files deleted from your   digital camera   memory card,   USB thumbdrive,   smartphone   or   MP3 player.

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  • Oldify 2: Free this week only, this app shows you how you'll look in 2074

    Marc Saltzman at Digital Crave2 yrs ago

    While you may be in the prime of your life as you read this, aren’t you the least bit curious what you’re going to look like as a senior?

    Using your phone or tablet’s camera, a new app aims to give you a look at your face aged 60 or more years – and it’s freakishly good at it.

    Aptly named   Oldify 2 – Face Your Old Age, the   iOS download   is free until this   Friday, July 25, 2014,   before it goes back up to its regular price of $1.99.

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  • Six sizzlin' BBQ gadgets for the summer

    Marc Saltzman at Digital Crave2 yrs ago

    Summer is in full force, which for many of us translates to one thing and one thing only: grill season.

    Whether you're fired up about barbequing in your backyard, at the cottage or camping site, Americans coast to coast are sparking the 'que, piling on the meat and cracking a few cold ones. Toss in a few friends and loud music and it's the closest thing to heaven during football's offseason.

    Sure, barbequing is a longstanding tradition, but that doesn’t mean modern-day technology can't make it even tastier. The following are a few recommended BBQ gadgets to add some tech to your deck.


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  • New on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital: Scarlett Johannson, predatory aliens and blue macaws

    Glenn McDonald at Digital Crave2 yrs ago

    One the pleasures of monitoring the DVD and digital marketplace is tracking those smaller movies that flash through theaters then disappear.

    Such is the case with the smart and spooky sci-fi thriller Under The Skin, starring Scarlett Johannson as a sort of alien predator who hunts in the hills and cities of Scotland.

    We start in a gloomy extradimensional space where the Johannson character, nude, appears to assume the skin and clothing of another nude woman -- a clone or host body, maybe. It only gets weirder from here.

    As the alien prowls Scotland, our expectations are subverted in an intriguing fashion. The female alien gazes lasciviously at males, even if they're just regular Glasgow blokes walking down the street. It's a conspicuous reversal of the way the camera usually gazes at females. The alien has no trouble seducing the lads -- she looks like Scarlett Johannson, after all. But when she lures them back into her extradimensional space, the men meet a most unpleasant fate.

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  • Get your hands on these 10 new smartphone games

    Marc Saltzman at Digital Crave2 yrs ago

    In fact, therein lies the problem: With so many games at the App Store and Google Play market, how do you know what’s worthy of your time and money? We can help.

    The following are 10 new games for your favorite mobile device, each one catering to a different kind of gamer.

    While you’re at it, also to click over to our previous round-up, entitled 10 free smartphone games you need to play. Oh, and be sure to recommend your own favorite new games in the comments section below.

    Leo’s Fortune ($2.99; iOS)

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  • Battle of the new tablets: Surface Pro 3 vs. Galaxy Tab S

    Marc Saltzman at Digital Crave2 yrs ago

    Itching to pick up a new   tablet   for the summer? Good call. But the big question remains: Which one?

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  • Video: Make your own 'Star Wars' scenes with Disney's new app

    Marc Saltzman at Digital Crave2 yrs ago

    Can’t wait for Star Wars: Episode VII to debut in late 2015? Join the club, Jedi.

    AT least you can pass the time by creating your very own scenes from iconic   Star Wars   flicks, with the help of the aptly named   Star Wars Scene Maker   app.

    Available now for   iPad   owners, this freebie from Disney lets you use your fingertips to stage and direct your very own scenes, beginning with highlights from   Star Wars: A New Hope   (Episode IV), Star Wars:   The Empire Strikes Back   (Episode V) and Star Wars:   The Return of the Jedi   (Episode VI).

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