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  • Futuristic beauty products that will change your routine

    Amanda Storey at Yahoo Shopping 1 yr ago

    When I was a kid I thought the future of beauty would involve magic wands, lasers, and machines that put makeup on your face, combed your hair, and clothed you. As it turns out I wasn't that far off. Here are four technologically advanced products that will change your beauty routine for the better. 

    NIOD Photography Fluid

    There is no shame in my bare-faced game, but I have to admit that a liquid Instagram filter for my face would be a nice option on rough days. Enter NIOD's Photography Fluid ($30): The NIOD website has a wonderful in-depth description of what all the ingredients do in this product, but my eyes glossed over after reading "Bio-Silica Photo Finishing Prism Grades 3, 7, 9". 

    Why is it innovative?: Everyone wants to look flawless without spending a lot of time or effort. A one-step product that delivers the results of an illumand counter space. Also remember when I said real-life Instagram filter, that seals the deal. 

  • Best makeup for your eye color

    Amanda Storey at Yahoo Shopping 1 yr ago

    When I worked as a makeup artist, one of the most frequently asked questions was, "What color eye makeup should I wear to make my eye color stand out?" I would always respond, in true creative style, "wear the colors that make you feel wonderful." However, there is a definite formula behind choosing the best eye makeup to help your eye color take center stage.

    Most people have seen a color chart at some point in their lives, but never thought about its relevance to beauty. Simply use the above color chart to choose the closest shade to your eye color. The hues across from your eye color, the complete opposites, are the most flattering for you. For example, I have green eyes so shades of purple, bronze, burgundy, and oranges make my green eyes appear greener. I've carefully curated a list of my favorite eye shadows, eyeliners and mascaras that will bring out the best in your one-of-a-kind eyes.  More on Yahoo Shopping: How to choose the right foundation brush

    Yahoo Shopping readers, what colors work best for your eyes? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Gifts for the beauty fanatic in your life

    Amanda Storey at Yahoo Shopping 1 yr ago

    I decided to add a "Letter to Santa" to let him know that this decadent and beautiful beauty collection is on my holiday wishlist. The Charlotte Tillbury Book of Makeup Magic ($200) has twelve of her most popular products in deluxe mini sizes, housed in a gorgeously crafted advent calendar. Tilbury, a world-renowned makeup artist, was the former creative director of Tom Ford Beauty before she ventured off to create her signature product line. Her products are luxuriously packaged and of the utmost quality. 


    Will you be giving any beauty related gifts this holiday season? What products are on your wishlist? Please share in the comments. 

  • The weirdest beauty products we saw in 2015

    Amanda Storey at Yahoo Shopping 1 yr ago

    I am enamored as well as annoyed by weird beauty products. Every time I see something a little wacky, I automatically roll my eyes and think, "What are they going to try to sell me next?".  But, I also find myself thinking, "What if this is actually a breakthrough product and I'm being judgmental and snobby?". It's a weird juxtaposition of feeling both repelled and drawn in by a product claiming to be youth in a bottle. So, with an open mind and a little skepticism, I give you my current list of wonderfully weird beauty products. 



    Fullips Lip Enhancer 

    It's no secret that whatever Kylie Jenner has done to her lips has resonated with our great nation, hence the trending hashtag on Instagram earlier this year: #kyliejennerlipchallenge. If you happened to stumble upon any of the 200k horrifying images from the Instagram challenge, you are fully aware of what can happen to your lips when you use a device like the Fullips Lip Enhancer (or a shot glass). Not a good look. 


  • The best liquid lipsticks to try right now

    Amanda Storey at Yahoo Shopping 1 yr ago

    We are so lucky to live in a time where our cosmetics options are boundless. There are so many amazing brands, colors, textures, and innovations to explore. One of the trendiest and most celebrated innovations in beauty today is liquid lipstick. We absolutely hate when our lipstick wears off, and hate having to reapply throughout the day. Read on to learn what makes a great liquid lipstick and discover our favorites.

    Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick- $20

    If I had to only wear liquid lipsticks for the rest of my life I would choose social media star Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipsticks. They are weightless, soft, fully pigmented, and unbelievably long-lasting.

    There isn't a color in his range I wouldn't buy -- but my favorites are Posh Spice, Redrum, and 714. The velour formula doesn't dry out my lips, and I love that I don't have to worry that my lipstick is faded, bleeding, or on my teeth. Hourglass Rouge Liquid Lipstick- $28

  • Everything you need to know about strobing

    Amanda Storey at Yahoo Shopping 1 yr ago

    e.l.f. Cosmetics Shimmering Facial Whip - $1

    I discovered these little known gems of awesomeness a few years ago and have been a fan ever since. These "facial whips" have a tacky cream texture, intense pigment and loads of shimmer. They are perfect for beginners just learning how to highlight or those who want a more natural look. On clean skin or over the top of foundation (these don't work well over power foundation), lightly pat the whip onto the tops of cheekbones, inner corners of the eyes, and down the bridge of the nose. The shade range is universally flattering and you can even use them as a beautiful cream blush, lip color, and creamy eye shadow.

    Pro Tip: e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whips make an amazing base to layer under your powder highlighters. The powder highlighter will last longer and really make those cheekbones pop.

    TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlight Powder- $23

    Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder - $26.99


  • Back-to-school beauty: The basics for a flawless look

    Amanda Storey at Yahoo Shopping 1 yr ago

    One of my favorite parts of being a makeup artist is working with young women, especially between the ages 13 to 20. These women are fresh-faced, smart, and way more beauty savvy than I ever was at their age. To be perfectly frank, they know what the next big thing in fashion and beauty will be. It's a superpower that only happens when you're young. For the past few months I have been taking notes and paying special attention to what products and looks my most unique and confident young clients have been asking questions about. Read on for my cool kids back-to-school beauty guide 2015.

    - Great for combo/dry or patchy skin - Lightweight natural finish with buildable coverage - Wears all day

    - A lot of product for your money!  - Long-lasting matte powder ideal for oily skin types - Mineral-packed powder gentle enough for sensitive skin

    - Formulated with soothing Pink Kaolin Clay, a great ingredient for sensitive skin - Made with Buriti Oil: An Amazonian-fruit known to reduce redness and provide natural UV protection - Finely milled texture smooths over large pores - Universally flattering shade


  • Don't miss the 4th annual NYX Face Awards on August 22

    Amanda Storey at Yahoo Shopping 1 yr ago

    NYX Cosmetics, coveted by makeup artists and beauty vloggers, is known for offering amazing quality and pigment for an affordable price. This weekend in Los Angeles, NYX Cosmetics will be live streaming their 4th Annual NYX Face Awards with host Kelly Osbourne. For the last few months Youtubers have been going head-to-head in themed makeup challenges in hopes of becoming this year's Face Awards winner. With online voting from fans, the competition has narrowed to the final six contestants, and the winner will be announced this Saturday at 7pm PST on the NYX Face Awards Website during a live stream.  

    Contestants used some of their favorite products from NYX to create other-worldy themed characters like mermaids, monsters, and ghosts. The creativity, skill, and talent of all of these artists is so awe-inspiring!  

    NYX Primal Colors Eyeshadow   is clearly a favorite product among not only the contestants but by anyone who knows how rare it is to find a bold, pigmented, and long-wearing eyeshadow in an uncommon color. 





  • 3 key fall beauty trends for 2015

    Amanda Storey at Yahoo Shopping 1 yr ago

    It feels weird to be writing about fall with my neon pink summer dress and gold glitter jelly shoes on, but it's my job to to inform you what we will be wanting to paint our faces with come fall and back-to-school time. With so many beauty trends constantly coming and going it can be hard to keep up with it all so I made it simple. Read on for the three key fall trends that will update your beauty look and have all your friends wondering how you find the time to watch runway shows and read beauty blogs while still maintaing a job and your grades. 

    Mention blue eyeshadow to just about anyone and I guarantee that their imaginations will instantly conjure up images of Mimi from the Drew Carey Show or a crazy neighbor lady they remember from childhood. But has blue eye makeup gotten a bad rap? Absolutely! Blue eye makeup can be beautiful and very flattering if applied skillfully. 

    How to make it work for you:


    - Avoid highlighting in areas you may get oily. Instead spotlight the tops of cheekbones and the inner corners of your eyes. Remember glowy not greasy is what we are going for.