DD24DCTX7 Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer(TM) Tall

DD24DCTX7 Fisher & Paykel Double DishDrawer(TM) Tall

18 Ratings | 11 Reviews


Double DishDrawer(TM) Tall

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Double DishDrawer(TM) Tall


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18 Ratings | 11 Reviews

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  • Double Drawer Dishwasher

    By Jerry  May 20, 2012

    No local service support. Parts & service are EXPENSIVE !!! 3 TIMES THE COST FOR JUNK !! BUY A BOSCH

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  • Horrible Sounds great on paper...

    By imfinewithme  Jan 19, 2013

    ### We built may dream kitchen 4 yrs ago. I jumped at the idea of having 2 machines to do my dishes. The machine I chose had matching wood fronts. From the beginning it let steam out and it was damaging the wood. They did a retro fix that helped somewhat.... The dishes never were sparkling ever. IT was loud and you had to run it at night or you cant hear the TV family room it was open too. Lastly it broke down constantly. Finally it died. After 4 yrs!! I got a Bosh for $699 and its amazing. Its stainless steel and looks fine. Read more Less

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  • 2 drawer

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Sep 10, 2013

    ### Did a full kitchen remodel a decade ago. With only 2 of us in the house the 2 drawer concept seemed like a really great idea. Had a pump go out just after the warranty expired. Cost nearly $300 to have it repaired as the closest authorized tech was 3...5 miles away. A year later a circuit board got fried. Another $300 but a different service company as the original one would no longer service the brand. Couple of years later another problem and another $300 and yet a 3rd service company Finally junked it and bought a basic Frigidaire unit for $500. Works like a charm and there are service folks close by should something go wrong. Read more Less

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  • 5 year owner

    By j  Jun 8, 2012

    ### While under warranty the bottom drawer had a proplem. Still has a problem 5 years later due to no one able to come out and fix the machine. Should have asked for replacement but figured that would be futile too. Buy USA made machines where trained me...chanics are everywhere! Read more Less

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  • Fisher & Paykel

    By Lynn  Jun 8, 2012

    I have had this dishwasher for 2 years now, and would never go back to a 1 door dishwasher again, I also own the washer and dryer from this company and can't say enough positive things about there product lines.

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  • Fantastic washer for those with back probelms

    By hh  Jun 10, 2012

    ### Love this dishwasher. We only have three people in our house and I have a bad back, no more bending to lift items in and out of the dishwasher and no need to use the bottom drawer unless we have company over. We always seemed to have to wait for our...old dishwasher to be filled to start it and would then run out of certain dishes before that happened it is great for smaller families you can fill it and run it. It is great for parties where you have more than one course, you can wash the first course's dishes while serving the second course and still have a second washer to put the dirty dishes in from the second course. The only complaint that I have is that the dishwasher does have some prongs (just two) where the plastic coating has worn off and the are rusty and looking like they may eventually break off, although the whole insert of the prongs can be lifted out so it would probably be easy to replace. We have had the washer for four years. Read more Less

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  • Excellent product

    By Yahoo Shopping User  May 21, 2012

    Have been using this dishwasher for 2.5 years. Amazingly good product : you do not hear it when it runs. Good selection of programs. Can use for small load. Have not seen better dishwasher on the market.

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  • 10 Years & No More parts

    By KERRY  Jun 12, 2012

    I never needed service until my dishwasher was 11 years old. Now I find out they no longer make parts "anywhere" and the entire dishwasher has to be replaced for a $66.00 part !! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!

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  • Excellent dishwasher

    By Bob  Jun 7, 2012

    ### We saw this dishwasher in a hotel in Hawaii and wondered why all dishwashers were not like this. We came home and I bought one on-line and I installed it myself. My wife and I read the manual. It says to not load things inside that are too tall as th...e lid may not be able to close and cause leaks..We have had it for 1.5 years and no problems. Very quiet and efficient. Ours has the built-in water softener. Like the small loads that can be used. Read more Less

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  • Love it!

    By Yahoo Shopping User  Jun 8, 2012

    ### Love the concept -- not having to bend over (especially after eaten a meal) to load or unload the dishes is great! We are both senior citizens and just love the fact that there is no awkward bending involved. It's extremely quiet and very easy to ope...rate; the interior is much roomier than you would expect. We have had this dishwasher for over two years now and no problems, no regrets. Love it! Read more Less

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