Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ['AO' Version] Xbox

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ["AO" Version] Xbox (Xbox)

6 Ratings | 6 Reviews
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ESRB RatingAO (Adults Only)
Game GenreAction/Adventure, Racing
Maximum Number of Players2
Game Information
Release Date2005-6-7
Network CompatibleNo
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Additional Specifications
DescriptionGrand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Xbox)
Simultaneous Multiplayer ModeYes
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User Reviews

6 Ratings | 6 Reviews

4 out of 5 stars

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  • sanandreas

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Jun 7, 2005

    i think grand theft auto is the best game ever and i've been waiting so long for it to come out on xbox but in the meanwhile i was playing it on my cusins playstation 2 but them destructive iddiet messed it up just like they do everything else like f...or instanse them nuts have had over 10 pets in their 14,16,and 17, year old lives and from turtles to cat to dog to fishes not one of them creatures are alive to this day and that real sad because they did'nt die of normal death they have died because of one of my cusin ate all the dogs food and just forgot about it and the dog just starved to death and thats just enough right thetre to show how cruel and dumb these iddeit are and don't call me dumb because i just misspelled iddeit up there but that's about why i want to get sanandreas well why i think it's such a good game and all well you got to get what i'm saying because sanandreas must be a great game to me beause i would have nevetr have been sitting here typing up a full review on why i think that sanandreas is such a good game plus telling a little short story on what happened to my cusins sanandreas game and how all of their pets are dead and that right there just go's to show you how much i like grand theft auto sanandreas and how despret i am for this game to come out on the platform i have which is xbox well if you want some more of my information i am 12 years old i am black i have white teeth ,black hair,brown eyes and yeah i am a male,young african american male so if you are tired of reading my review as much as i am typing it then you'll be glad to here this, peace. Read more Less

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  • san mexico

    By luixmix  May 10, 2005

    ya saaaaquenlo pleaaase

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  • 11111111111111

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Oct 18, 2005


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  • FDCV

    By aayush  May 19, 2005


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    By Scotty  Oct 25, 2005


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    By Anton  Aug 7, 2005

    its the coolest game ever!

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Pro Reviews

  • 450

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    Maximum PC

    San Andreas remains a humble game in many ways, with laughable, low-res textures, mildly retarded enemy AI, and a disappointing number of audio bugs. Nonetheless, its an enormous step up from Vice City, and were hooked on the stylish way it evokes criminal thrills in a vast andthe word cant be avoidedimmersive virtual world. Read more

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    (450 / 5)