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  • Optoma PT105 Gaming Projector Review


    Although the Optoma PT105's price, technology, and resolution make pocket projectors the most appropriate point of comparison, that's only because there's nothing else quite like it. It's not even close to a pocket projector in size, and there are some important differences in functionality. It's much easier to set up, for example, thanks in part to its use of standard connectors instead of proprietary connectors and separate adaptors. Much of the PT105's advantage in image quality comes from its lens. In fact, the lens is not only higher quality than any lens on a pocket projector, it is easier to focus, mostly because the larger case has room for a more easily controllable focus wheel. Compared to more mainstream projectors, the PT105 offers low brightness and low resolution, but it also offers a much low price. More importantly, the brightness and resolution are good enough for the intended purpose and a good value for the price. If you want a very inexpensive projector you can s... Read more

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