Nikon D700 DSLR Digital Camera

Nikon D700 DSLR Digital Camera

30 Ratings | 8 Reviews
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Handling agility fused with Nikon 12.1-megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor, assures professional image quality with low-noise, high-ISO performance.

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Handling agility fused with Nikon 12.1-megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor, assures professional image quality with low-noise, high-ISO performance.


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30 Ratings | 8 Reviews

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  • D3 sensor with sensor cleaning

    By RobertJ  Jan 29, 2009

    ### After shooting film for decades, it's been hard settling into a DSLR. There are compromises with all of them, this included. Canon has several lenses that I prefer to the available Nikon equivalent. That said, this camera is amazing. Finally high ISO...that doesn't look like bad video capture. It's losing the chroma noise that seems to do it. You could post-process a Canon image to look similar, but the Nikon RAW files look right at default conversion settings. This is the first DSLR that never leaves me wishing I'd gone ahead and shot film. Read more Less

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  • Nikon D700 - Options and control

    By Paul  Oct 28, 2008

    ### I wanted a FF all-rounder and having read reviews to death, settled on the D700. I was happy with my Eos 40d but no FF. I was concerned about swapping brands, as some lead you to believe you are effectively denouncing your family. I began to suffer f...rom pixel envy and fancied the 5D Mk II however 10.1mp on the 40d blew up just fine. All the top brands make better cameras than I can ever hope to exploit. There are loads more options on this one and I am happy with IQ. Read more Less

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  • Best DSLR for the money

    By Yahoo! Shopping User  Mar 15, 2009

    ### I almost waited until the new Canon 5D Mll came out in December od '08 but I'm glad I didn't. Being a Nikon owner for the last two years, I was thrilled with the build of quality of my D80. Having used the D700 under extreme weather conditions and ta...king it to the theater for low light shoots I must say I'm impressed with this body in all aspects. If you want full frame and insane high ISO performance I highly recommend this DSLR for any serious photographer. Read more Less

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  • D3's little brother

    By Mel  Jan 7, 2010

    ### My upgrade from a D80 and it was a large step up but it didn't take long to learn the moves. This camera is amazing, low noise, access to all vital settings is fast, full lighting system tie-in and much more. All that plus the field of view that only...comes with a full frame sensor. This camera is amazing! Read more Less

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  • Nikon D700

    By Minh  Jan 8, 2009

    ### This is the best camera I have used so far. I have always been a Canon user since I grew up using a Canon AT-1 film camera. I gotto admit, learning how to use this professional camera is hard at first if you do not read the user manual. If you are a...serious photographer, learning all the features and functions of this camera won't take long. This camera is FAST!!! Shooting in low light conditions with high ISO does not have that much digital noise (grains). Combine with my new Epson R1900 printer, I can create the same look in my portraits as if there were from a professional studio. Wonderful camera, I can't wait to see what new products Nikon will release in the future. Read more Less

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  • Among the best

    By Jim  Oct 27, 2009

    I am not going into all the cameras functions and operations. I will say though this camera will get the job done with smooth and sharp images. I just feel it is among the best available today. I don't know what else I could ask out of a camera.

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  • Fantastic camera

    By skylinephoto  Oct 17, 2009

    ### I have used a D50 and a D80 and A D300 all great cameras, I been saving for this D700 and its fantastic, You must buy the extra battery pack MB-D10 and get the more powerful battery ( EN-EL4a ) for it to get the 8 frames a sec. Great for sports and is so much you can do with it. The high ISO is great for night photography vary low noise even at 6400 ISO. and higher. I enjoy the full frame if you have a 50mm lens it shots at 50mm or you can goback to DX so a 50mm will be 100mm I think? well anyway I love my D700 Read more Less

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  • Good Camera

    By Yahoo Shopping User  Aug 31, 2012

    Good Camera

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Pro Reviews

  • Nikon D700 Digital Camera Review


    Is it rational to call a $3000 camera a bargain? It is when it delivers nearly all the features of the company������s revered $5000 pro model, which is precisely the case with the Nikon D700. Basically the D700 takes the best parts of two established cameras and blends them seamlessly. The $5000 Nikon D3 contributes a full-frame image sensor with low-noise performance that makes previously impossible photos as simple as pressing the shutter. From the Nikon D300 comes a nearly unchanged body that������s hefty but nicely balanced, tightly sealed against the elements and nearly 20% lighter than the D3. Read more

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