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  • Acer S201HL


    The Acer S201HL is a mid-range 20" HD computer monitor with Energy Star 5.0 certification. Its LED backlighting provides the S201HL with its 12,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio while its 5ms response time ensures clearer movement. Additionally, the S201HLs 16.7 million Truecolour colour depth ensures more realistic image reproduction. The S201HLs LED backlighting is capable of providing much darker blacks than standard LCD backlighting techniques, ensuring a much greater contrast ratio and a richer image. Its 5ms response time allows the S201HL to better handle fast action scenes and video gaming as it eliminates any ghosting and blurring that can occur on monitors with higher response times (particularly monitors with a response time greater than 8ms). Meanwhile, the S201HLs 16.7 million colours ensure that high resolution digital images and HD video will appear more true to life. Features 20" TFT LCD panel with white LED backlighting (1600x900) Dynamic contrast ratio: 12,000,000:1... Read more

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